The Andrew Harris Phenomenon

Read the title

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:laughing:.. the art of story telling to make a point.

Go ahead tattle, just like A C Leonard, I won't engage......
Therefore I'm innocent.......... TA-DA

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I don't know. But you were the one who said ACL never tested positive for PED's and I just suggested it might be because he wasn't tested.

Which is a fact. He wasn't tested.

Again good to know you admit to telling a story. Facts are secondary to you I realize. Night night. story time is over

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You mustve gotten quite a few swirlies growing up..

You are just here to argue. I can see ro1313 is correct yet again

So we agree.

I go on the facts. You are making an allegation. I'm providing an alternative.

Up to you to prove your allegation

fact...................... suspended 2 games..........
The first won worked out great.

Now that the Bombers has tenderizer your entire team (wats left of it) Toronto can finish the job.

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I think you are replying to the wrong person. You'd better look back at the posts to see who you think you are replying to. I've made absolutely no allegations about anything. So your replies make absolutely no sense to me.

So your here to ruin the forums... got it and well done

Words like tattle are words of.children and school yards

Adults call.out people when.thry mock a person and use things like a medical issue to insult them.

If it is ever announced what the issue is then by all.means discuss it. You want to say your upset or disappointed he didn't test

If he or any other player has a medical issue that is not being disclosed ..... its off limits to mock them over. That's an adult concept

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Bomber fans have been in the basement so long they forgot how society works. Very sad

GO TO BED!! This is an adult conversation.
Tomorrow you can play Nintendo after you clean your room

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Frequent reasons why you can't tinkle.

For Christ's sake! Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them a "troll". Your opinions are not sacrosanct and can be contradicted at any time.

Using the word should make you subject to an immediate ban. DON'T do it.


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He follows me around at the hip. Full on trollster.

In your mind coach d must be lying when he says AC tried to go? There's no possible way he tried to go, couldn't, got frustrated and left? He must be doping? Only explanation?

And I'm fed up to here with trash talking! Anywhere on this forum! You're not twelve year-olds.


Nintendo.... wow that brings me back. Last.tine I owned one was my Gameboy I bought to fill down time in Kuwait in 91.

My kids had a few and my grandson does as well. Me? Not enough time or interest in them

For cleaning my room well.let a decade as a sapper in the reg force has even now some 30 years later left me making my bed and sorting my stuff out before breakfast.

Kinda drilled into you ( pun intended..... enginner joke )

You don't like being called out on.chikdish language then don't use it. If you do expect to be called on it.

I know many great bomber fans so your posts won't alter my opinion of them or the team

But seriously............. your noy hear to post or debate but rather to inflame and provoke

Why not take this kinda.stuff to your team area if you don't want to be called ?

With respect to the subject of this thread, I like Andrew Harris because he's a legitimate Canadian. He was born and raised in Canada and unlike so many other players classified as "non-imports", he didn't attend one of those U.S. training academies for professional sports passing themselves off as "colleges" where athletes can graduate without ever having cracked open a book.