The Andrew Harris Phenomenon

Thanks for the lesson on words. Why is that relevant???

I thought you may require a definition because you use that term incorrectly in my opinion. Just trying to help you out.

That is your personal opinion

But...... What does ALL of Saskatchewan think of A C Leonard

You suggest that you know what everyone in Saskatchewan thinks!


Keep in mind the only player I've ever known to have manure dumped on his lawn was a HOF fame kicker by the fans in Sask. It is a very tough crew there.

He had the audacity to miss a field goal. Ran right out of town to the safety of BC.

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If I'm not mistaken, the moron farmer who did that actually dumped his sh!t on Paul McCallum neighbors yard


If you have evidence of medical disability ( which you are stating ) you need to post it

If not you've just slandered a cfl player.

Look I don't like that he refused to test but that as it stands is what is known

Implying any medical.issues crossed an ethical line

The Bombers and ethics don't go well together.

Oh yeah.? He got the wrong yard? Did he get charged?

I remember seeing early Muppets on Ed Sullivan. I was probably 6 or 7 so I HAD to like them. This one had my brother and I rolling on the floor:

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If any player has an addiction /,steroid or other medical.issue it's fair game to say they do .... once they self disclose or its reported publicly by a source with permission

Implying as the poster did it enters into a players personal medical history and is out of bounds ...... full stop

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Re: Harris.............. Look at any of my posts.....try to find 1, ONE single comment were I supported him on that subject!!! Not once.
To bad you are not as fair, Homer

Yet your whataboutism is very telling.

I agree. I've suggested he may have been dehydrated hindering his stream after the game as I believe is his story. Yet posters like certain bomber fans will do anything to deflect from the topic at hand... the very legitimate reasons for disliking Harris

Hmmm.... I know a psychiatrist that can help you as well. Sounds Krazy right. But if the hockey helmet fits ware it

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Can anyone beyond GW suggest that Leonard waited 3 hours to pee in a cup. Can anyone outside of GW make a real distinction between refusing to pee as different from an admission of guilt of using.

Your logic is, I doubt A C couldn't pee in a cup, a couple days ago,
therefore two years earlier you started to hate Harris.
You should see a veterinarian as well


Hi troll

Craig Dickenson suggested what I'm saying in an interview last week

β€œHe tried, I know that. He was around for quite a while and he just wasn’t able to do it. At some point he made the decision to go home.”

Got any more word lessons for me???

This is going beyond trolling.

You have crossed an ethical line and it needs to stop

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Happens a lot in hockey.

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Ok so you are making up the 3 hour part then? Good to know.