The Andrew Harris Phenomenon

The guy is a lightning rod for fans & the league.

Hometown player, league leader in rushing since 2017, Team leader. But for whatever reason so many opposing fans are fixated on him. Even just reading his name in this thread title gets their blood boiling.

Rent Free.

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…one of those players in any sport that you’d love to have on your team and can’t stand him on another I guess…each team seems to rotate a guy like that every now and then…

Well there's two on my team that come to mind . One Simoni Lawrence and two Brandon "Speedy" Banks . The funny thing is that a lot of fans (looking your way mostly Saskie ) who love to hate on these two future HOF's but would suddenly LOVE them if they somehow wound up playing for their team . Go on try to deny it...because I know you can't do it .


I would certainly not mind.


I remember when CO2 Chad Owens signed with us in 2016 . Hamilton fans all hated him when he was an Argo but suddenly loved him when he was in Black "n" Gold even if it was only for half a season as it turned out unfortunately .

Gerry James (aka Kid Dynamite) had what Harris has. Its called "the fighting edge". These guys fight for every yard and walk over folks who get in their way. James was a tough guy w/ blazing speed and talent when he entered CFL lore in 1951, aged 17. Also learned how to kick field goals + x-points to extend his career after injuries nullified his blazing speed. Great athlete that played in a Grey Cup and Stanley Cup in same year (1960, I believe). James played football for bombers nearly 12 yrs and NHL Leafs for approx. 8 seasons, switching to hockey shortly after CFL season ended in either late October or November!

I don't think fans from other teams hated him like the other names mentioned in this thread.

I never liked Harris but it was hard not to respect his game throughout the years. Then he went and messed up his legacy by getting caught cheating. Anyone upset with him over the weekend is just because he managed to somehow escape ejection and then played a big part in several scoring drives in the 2nd half.

Hopefully the leagues suspends him for 1 game for his actions.


Let's be honest here. Nobody in Saskatchewan cares about Andrew Harris. Henry Burris and Jon Cornish were more of a lightening rod. I wouldn't consider either dirty players, just good and rivals.

What people don't like are cheaters or people who play dirty. Harris fits that mould

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…agreed, that leaves a mark that’s hard to ignore, not a good look…

I think it's terrific you can speak for all of Saskatchewan.
Soooooo how does everyone in Saskatchewan think about A C Leonard?
I think h is very talented as a player

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He was well-hated in the CFL. Told me so himself when I was doing play-by-play in Sask'n Junior Hockey League in the late 70 and James owned/coached the Yorkton Terriers. A tad over 5'11" and not even 195 lbs. James was feared in the NHL and amassed an inordinate number of penalty minutes during his 7 yr run. Most guys didn't want to fight Gerry James cuz they knew they'd be lying prone on the ice quickly after dropping their gloves. James had a love-hate relationship with his hometown Winnipeg fans. He figured he got screwed out of many loads of money from cheapskate contracts. Didn't even want to come back and do autograph sessions for the Big Blue. Its well-documented in his book.

What about him? He never tested for PEDs like Dirty Andrew

Correct it he should be suspended until he gets medical treatment for his issues maybe two or three months should do it.
I know a good veterinarian who helped my dog with his pee pee issues, have A C give me a call I will hook him up

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BTW You didn't answer the question, what does everyone in Saskatchewan think of A C????

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Is that because he didn't get tested maybe?

This reminds of the great phenomena song I heard when I was a kid .

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What does AC Leonard have to do with why people dislike A Harris?

I think he's a solid player who didn't want to wait three hours to pee in a cup.

Now if he's using PEDs, I would say that he should be ashamed of himself and is a big slap in the face to players who have put in the work in an honest way.

Will you say the same about your hero A Harris?

" people" don't dislike Harris.
I dislike Clemons. That doesn't mean he is disliked by "people"