The Ambrosie Tour

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Apologies if I didn't see a thread on this, but given that the Commissioner's Roadshow kicks off tomorrow night in Montreal, I thought it may be good to have a centralized thread for people to:

-> Suggest questions/comments for those who are attending to bring forward
-> Post/discuss feedback as the tour makes its way through the CFL markets
-> Collectively maximize time with the Commissioner so we are asking as many questions as possible as a CFL fan base

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I'll be making every effort to attend his stop here in Ottawa on Friday night. I do have questions/comments I hope to get in, but if anyone can't go and wants something brought up, hopefully we can all work to ensure as many points are touched on as possible.

Is it June yet?

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Just got my ticket for the Halifax meeting on February 23rd. I don't know what part I might play, if any, in getting a CFL team in Halifax, but, like many, I am excited and interested that it's being seriously being considered this time.

How does someone attend this? I see list of dates, but no mention of locations/times, or how to get tickets.

I got the notice through the Argos client services. I'm not sure if this goes to season ticket holders only as I got an invite for the Ottawa event though I attended one game there...obviously still on their mailing list.

Very interesting that Halifax is on his list.

I suspect the CFL has left it up to the teams to coordinate this in their cities. The reason I say this is because, in my case, the REDBLACKS sent an e-mail to season ticket holders who renewed early to reserve two spots for his stop in Ottawa on February 2 - which I did. I noticed today the REDBLACKS posted on facebook that everyone (well, limited spots obviously) could now reserve up to two tickets for the event. There was no charge for it or anything.

All that said, I would maybe reach out to the TiCats on this. Are you a STH in Hamilton? If not, maybe they're doing what the REDBLACKS did and are still in the period of season ticket holder priority, given that the Hamilton stop is still 3-weeks away.

Gonna say I am liking what I am seeing so far from Ambrosie.

Seems like a good hire at this point.

You can just keep banging the drum like everyone else, extolling the virtues of every other CFL team visiting Halifax (rotating the country). What's happening in the Maritimes these days? An explosion...
Welcome aboard.

Any Als fans in here attending in Montreal tonight?

Thanks. Had an email in my inbox from the Ticats offering a chance to get tickets. Guess I didn't see it before posting. :slight_smile:

The Lions asked Seasons Ticket holders if they'd like to attend and put it to a draw, luckily my friend and I were chosen, so we'll be there.

I was thinking how nice it would be if the CFL were to do a WEBCAST of the commisioners meeting in each city, for the fans who are unable to attend.

Nice and thanks Randy

The CFL is horrific at marketing itself, which is really a testament to the fans of the league. From the outside, it appears TSN is tasked with 100% of this and if TSN isn't covering something CFL related, it falls by the wayside. I was thinking the exact same thing: simply open a live stream of these town halls across the country so people can look in and watch. Perhaps something to raise of the town

Did anyone here attend last night in Montreal? Are there even any Als fans who post in here? I'll be checking out the Ottawa stop tonight. Was hoping to bring my laptop so I could capture details as it went, but the REDBLACKS sent out an e-mail saying this was a standing only function, so I'll probably not bring a laptop. I'll do my best to note the questions and responses as best I can on my phone.

''À l'ère du mouvement #moiaussi, Randy Ambrosie est prêt à remettre en question la présence des cheerleaders aux matchs de la Ligue canadienne de football. Le nouveau commissaire n'en fait pas une promesse, mais il assure qu'il va réfléchir à la question.
C'est ce qu'il a déclaré au cours d'un entretien accordé à La Presse canadienne en marge de sa tournée canadienne, qui le mènera dans les neuf villes du circuit, en plus de Halifax, qui est pressentie pour accueillir un 10e club.

« C'est une question intéressante. C'est la première fois qu'on me la pose. Elle mérite considération. Je pensais avoir entendu toutes les questions possibles, mais celle-là... », a-t-il dit, pesant bien ses mots.''

I was there

Well he starting to realize the strength of CFL. Opportunity to all cities.
Thanks Commissioner.

Nice comment on CFL dis-tractors.

You would have thought so, but I guess not.

Hi all,

Sorry it took me longer than expected to post a summary. I'll add things as I remember that as I was unable to bring my laptop with the set up of the event:

Here's a link to some of it:


-> Goal is to have a team in Atlantic as soon as 2021 (best case)

-> 10 Team league would have 12 of 18 games vs same division (3 games vs all divisional opponents), and the remaining 6 games outside of your division (one home/away, two home, two away). You wouldn't see two teams play in your city, and two cities wouldn't see your team on a yearly basis.

-> Conducted several "show of hands" votes:
Regular season starting late may-early June: split relatively even in terms of leaving schedule as is and starting earlier. My sense was that the league would like to start earlier for for better American viewership/exposure and $$$$, but won't do it if the Canadian fans are strongly opposed.

Grey Cup starting mid-late afternoon instead of 6pm-later: slightly more hands went up in favour of earlier Grey Cups (most around 4pm window).

-> Subject of commercial breaks came up....basically said that is a television function....not too surprising that there wouldn't be much movement there

-> Exploring a "Kids Day" at all stadiums initiative for one home game per year

-> Was receptive to the suggestion of allowing a second challenge only if your first was successful

Sorry, I'll post more as I think of it. Just wanted to post something in the meantime....

Thank you for the summary.

I wouldn't mind the Grey Cup starting at 4/4:30 pm EST. Kids can stay up later being a Sunday but how much does it pull the game away from more of the game in prime time. Sunday prime times are very good for a captive TV audience.