The Amazing Race visits Montreal Olympic Stadium

Was it just me or when the racers on the finale of the Amazing Race visited the Olympic stadium in Montreal, was the field painted to American Football size? It was very evident to me that this was the case. You only saw flashes or quick views of the field and there were clear football lines on it but I'm sure they were American sized. Was this done so to not confuse an American viewer? Does this mean when Amazing Race vists Cambodia next season they make sure everyone on camera is only spending American money??

No you got to quit drinking those pops!

Well, i know for sure that i saw the goalposts at the back of the endzone.

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I thought I saw them at the front of the endzone. But hey if CBS payed to have them moved, and the field shortened. Whatever. I am sure it gave somebody in ontreal some money.
It does look like there is no 55 yd line in that photo. It looks to me like it is 40 , 50 then 40 again. But I can't be sure. Hmm, I might just download the show, so i can find out. (man I love bittorrent)

I thought I saw the posts at the front of the end zone. Its hard to tell on the picture though if there was a 55 yard line.

there should be, I didn't see the show, but why would they fix the field for a race? it doesn't add up.

If TV pays the dollars then you get what you pay for.

In BC Their High school teams play American rules football. A few weeks ago, they had BC Place Lined and marked for US Rules and then the next day, it was setup for Canadian Rules for Community ball. I'm told each organization has to pay $12,000 to rent BC Place for the Day. So when you pay that kind of money, you get what you want!

Seems to me 12,000 is kinda cheap

It was only $9,000 5 years ago.

They don’t open up the whole stadium, only about 6 sections. Plus they stiff the amateur sports parents with same concession prices that they stiff the season ticket holder.

noone puts a gun to your head and says 'buy a popcorn'....

I agree, but for Amateur sport…A little less gouging.

Is that what the lions pay?

why would the prices be any different for a certian group?...its the same popcorn they serve at lions games....wouldnt that be discrimination?

Oh no, Lions would pay a whole lot more for rent. My Grandsons Football coach told me that when the Community group rents BC Place they have so many Ushers, ticket sellers, ticket takers brought in for the game. Everything is Extra. If you want the game clock, pay extra, heat, extra, Microphones to announce, that is extra as well. Basically, the majority of the $12,000 rental fee covers wages for the employees and lights.

Well if more of the stadium is opened up it might cost more.
When you do the math If the Lions get 25,000 fans per game, only 50 cents per ticket goes to renting the stadium.
Sounds cheap to me

Exactly. I do think the Minor & Highschool football do get a good deal for $12,000.

The way it rains in November December its nice sitting indoors!

(Remember our wet cold is colder than that dry cold!...LOL)

What is your cold 2 or 3 deg? :lol:

We had a lovely day today here with 18 inches of snow

and so it should....

just cuz u want to use the field, doesnt mean u want the score board and all that other sure it was a one cost for everything for 'x' amount of dollars...then some people said... "hey i only want the field, not the other charge me less"....then they came up with different prices to accomidate different needs.

i could see your beef if it was the ONLY football field available...but its not.
they knew the cost and chose to go to BC Place ( a pro stadium ) anyways.

SInce we are both way, way off topic.....

Where I am, it's hitting minus 15 at night. But its that "Dry Cold"...LOL

Where my son is, Right now it hits minus 2 at night.

When I visit him, I freeze my butt off when it is plus 3 and raining. That moisture just kills ya. I swear Minus 12 where I am now is a heckuva lot warmer than plus 3 where he is.