The amazing Kreskin called...

and told me what you'll hear next week.

  1. We need more time to gel

  2. Just need to cut down on mental mistakes

  3. We got a good group of guys here

  4. No need to panic

  5. but Montreal is a strong team--if we played against a team like Calgary we woulda...whoops

The media may as well take this coming week off since you'll see the same thing again and again.

Well I'm glad I didn't renew my seasons tickets... saved alot of money.

Actually, I was kind of hoping that Ken Peters would continue with his 48-part series where he picks a player/coach/hot dog vendor and asks them over and over again whether they care that fans on the website hate them, and then reports that no, in fact, the player/coach/hot dog vendor in question couldn't care less what the fans on the website are saying about them.

Kreskin would also make the "Balsam Bengals" routine disappear! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Its so much easier to post when they lose eh oski ?

I don't have a meter on my win-to-lose posting ratio. I don't know why this is an issue, really.

Please refresh my memory how when we were a playoff team in 2004 and I was running my own website with press box and field credentials graciously provided by the Tiger-Cats by Adam Provost, Senior VP of External Relations that the success of the team on the field somehow dried up my writing?

Check the archived website at the hundreds of posts I made on Knock yourself out.

Oski Wee Wee,

Not to spoil a perfectly good personal spat with a feeble attempt at humour, but here goes...

A hypothetical, Habman? Because you'd have to have Kreskin's abilities to know how easy it would be to post when they win. :wink:


Its just I cant picture a meeting between Marshall and Reed tonight after the game and them saying .... well we covered how to slow down Calvillo and Cahoon really didnt hurt us and their running game was so so . But i cant believe we forgot cover the dont hit the passer after he has thrown the ball talk !!!!! We really have to remember that one Kavis it`s gonna get us FIRED !!!!

Then why don't you save yourself a lot of time by not coming on here to whine anymore.

I understand its completely subjective--but I don't see it as whining.
If we had a good season last year and say had lost only 1 game so far this year
and I wrote that--then yes you could call it whining..but come on, this team
is surprisingly bad - again -

Also there were other variables involved as to why I didn't renew-- but thats life.