the als

im confused, what positions is winnpipeg so thin at?

we have davin bush, robert bean, kelly malveauz, and anthony malbrough to start in the secondary with greg moss and gabriel fullbright for depth, not sure if youd have heard of fullbright, but just put it this way, he was a very promising young rookie who was very capable of filling in wherever, and when ever we needed him.

linebacker i could see why you would think were thin. charlton left and our weak side just wasnt very good last season. but believe me, the prospects we have look very solid and more then three of them at each postion on the outside look capable of starting and olidifying the position.

safety we have a ton of very promising young canadians. the only reason we didnt start ian logan last season was because he was a rook. and theres the incumbent kyries.... who could also start at linebacker, most likely weak side.

barrin in the middle and arguably the best front four in the league

on offence we have kevin glenn, a young starting QB who put us in a position to win our only playoff contest in three years. 9-5 as a starter and this year he actually has a more then competitive rec. corps. last season we only had 2 guys in the top 25, milt and brazzell. and brazzell was number 21, just one ahead of kamau peterson, who couldnt catch a cold if he tried. more then likely because he was forced into a position of trying to carry the team when milt was injured, or being a second reciever.

brazzell is the kind of reciever who benifits off of other greats drawing the coverage making it easy for him to get open and not having to deal with footsteps as often. he has his most effective position in the third spot. and with milt and derrick both being elite recievers i this league, im sure chris can be effective. not to mention we resigned quenton mccord, signed terrence edwards and traded for oniel wilson.

wilson had the fourth most amount of yards on the als with over 500. everyone knows who terrence edwards is, and mccord is the kind of reciever that can step up when the main weapons are being coverd to well. he runs great routes and has decent hands. kerry johnson is a reciever that wowed coaches in an nfl camp, but got injured so they released him. could be rookie of the year material.

and not to mention our stellar offensive line. sure u could say who do we got behind kevin.... but brad banks was looking vastly improved near seasons end, and with this line and group of weapons.... if he can pick up where we left off, yes he can win us some games. we also have a good prospect in justin holland. oh and cant forget charlie....

I agree with you james; I think your receiving corps is the strongest in the east; arguably so is your defensive front four. Secondary is sound, LB may be a tad thin, and the O-line remains to be seen. My only concern with your team, were I to be a Bombers' fan, is Glenn's health. If he can stay healthy all year I think you're in good shape. Problem is can he? He's been injury prone in the past, and he's not exactly big so that he can withstand a lot of punishment. My concern is the backup QB spot if they have to sit Glenn down for any length of time.

Last year you were 9-5 with Glenn starting and 0-4 when he didn't. That speaks volumes. Dimwittie and Quinn looked dreadful, Banks sorry has never particularly impressed me, so for your sake I hope this Holland kid is the real deal.

yeah, add banks to that dreadfull list. but over the coarse of the season, he was really progressing. hopefully he comes to camp in 07, the same as if not better then the end of 06, if he does we will be able to win a few games without Glenn.

and yes, it would seem Glenn is injury prone, and i agree the key would be to keep him healthy for sure. but our offensive line has so much depth its hard to comprehend because of all the horrendous injuries last season.

from left to right

gauthier Sheridan Kahn Greene goodspeed

aaron fiaconni: natural gaurd but also talented centre. very solid back up. NI

Val St. Germain: another capable starting gaurd. NI

dominic picard: young developmental centre
matt omera: young ni tackle... dont know to much about him

sheridan is an almost unstoppable run blocker, pretty decent in pass protection

we all know who greene is

kahn is an all star material centre who can play anywhere on the line

goodspeed is arguably the best tackle in the league

and gauthier is a non import tackle. was told by obby kahn that he was quite dominant and probably our best pick up this year... other then that i dont know much about him

our line should be rated one of the tops in the league IMO. if it werent for all the injuries last season we would have had a pile of eastern all star offensive lineman. this year its improved barring injury and i firmly believe(hopes probably a better word) they can keep kevin healthy if they can stay relatively healthy

As long as Andrew Greene's neck is healthy, you guys are good to go.

And on a side note, I wonder how the Rider's line is gonna look with all the changes.

Thin at QB like every other team in the East, Oline, LB,RB, one of the weakest kicker in the league. Receivers Stegall is the only gamebreaker and is another year older. I am in awe of Milt as an athlete but he is a year older. I think Winnipeg is a strong #2 ine the East over the course of a full schedule.

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Three-horse race in East

Als, Argos, Bombers all strong
By KIRK PENTON -- Sun Media

Damon Allen is the projected quarterback in Toronto -- for now. (CP File/Aaron Harris)

Leos still best in West

The Montreal Alouettes had a six-game losing streak last season ... and finished first in the CFL's East Division.

Can't wait to see how they're going to top that trick this year.

Then again, it looks like it could be another wacky year in the East, because not one of the four teams appears to have firmly established itself as the front-runner.

The Alouettes and Toronto Argonauts both had 10-8 records last season, while the much-improved Winnipeg Blue Bombers soared to a 9-9 mark. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats started rebuilding midway late in the year en route to a 4-14 campaign.

It looks like it's going to be a three-horse race again in 2007, but there are many factors that could knock the Als, Argos and Bombers out of the turtle derby. And the biggest question mark surrounding those clubs is the most important position -- quarterback.

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05/28/2007 3:30 PM

Montreal's Anthony Calvillo will turn 35 this year, and some are questioning his stamina.


Toronto's Damon Allen will turn an astounding 44 this season, and the Argos are already preparing for life after Allen.

The doubts in Winnipeg are more for when Kevin Glenn gets hurt than when he's throwing the ball. His backups couldn't win last year, and they didn't land anyone new in the off-season who had CFL experience.

The Tiger-Cats, meanwhile, don't look like they've added enough talent in the off-season to push for a playoff spot. Then again, if six-game losing streaks are the key to winning the division ...

Training camps are only a week away, so here's a closer look at the East Division:



  • In the year 2006: The Tabbies were without claws once again, finishing with a 4-14 record and out of the playoffs. Head coach Greg Marshall was fired four games into the season, and poor Ron Lancaster had to guide the rudderless ship into port.

  • Head coach: Charlie Taaffe (first season).

  • Projected starting quarterback: Jason Maas.

  • Three significant returnees: RB Corey Holmes, DB Tay Cody, RB Jesse Lumsden.

  • Three significant acquisitions: DT Nautyn McKay-Loescher, SB Kwame Cavil, OL Jerome Davis.

  • Three significant departures: WR D.J. Flick, DB Jason Goss, DE Tim Cheatwood.

  • Three significant questions: Will the Jason Maas of old finally show up in Steeltown, or is he long gone? Has GM Marcel Desjardins assembled enough experienced talent to improve the club? Is the defence worse than it was last year?



  • In the year 2006: The Alouettes weren't as dominant as they usually are, and head coach Don Matthews retired late in the season, but their 10-8 record was good enough for first in the East. They advanced to the Grey Cup game, which they lost to the B.C. Lions.

  • Head coach: Jim Popp (first season).

  • Projected starting quarterback: Anthony Calvillo.

  • Three significant returnees: SB Ben Cahoon, RB Robert Edwards, LB Tim Strickland.

  • Three significant acquisitions: LB John Grace, DE Tim Cheatwood, SB Keith Stokes.

  • Three significant departures: DT Ed Philion, DT Adriano Belli, WR Thyron Anderson.

  • Three significant questions: Is Calvillo on the decline? Who will replace Philion and Belli on the interior of the defensive line? Who will start at the halfback spots in the secondary?



  • In the year 2006: The Boatmen got hammered hard by injuries, but they bounced back to compile a 10-8 record and finish second in the East. They fell to the Alouettes, however, in the East final.

  • Head coach: Pinball Clemons (seventh season).

  • Projected starting quarterback: Damon Allen -- for now.

  • Three significant returnees: WR Arland Bruce III, LB Kevin Eiben, CB Byron Parker.

  • Three significant acquisitions: DT Adriano Belli, QB Mike McMahon, offensive co-ordinator Steve Buratto.

  • Three significant departures: RB Ricky Williams, DE Eric England, LB Antonious Bonner.

  • Three significant questions: Will the 43-year-old Allen hold on to his job, or will Michael Bishop, former Heisman winner Eric Crouch or ex-NFLer McMahon take over? Can tailback John Avery last a full season in the wake of Williams' departure? Who will be their starting offensive tackles?



  • In the year 2006: The Blue and Gold had a roller-coaster campaign that concluded aptly with a 9-9 mark. They led the Argos late in the East semifinal but blew a chance to win when Kevin Glenn threw an interception in the final minute.

  • Head coach: Doug Berry (second season).

  • Projected starting quarterback: Kevin Glenn.

  • Three significant returnees: SB Milt Stegall, RB Charles Roberts, LB Barrin Simpson.

  • Three significant acquisitions: DB Davin Bush, OL Alexandre Gauthier, WR O'Neil Wilson.

  • Three significant departures: DB Stanford Samuels, LB Ike Charlton, DT Ron Warner.

  • Three significant questions: Can they develop a decent backup quarterback? Who will replace Charlton at the strong-side linebacker position? How much leg does Troy Westwood have left?

I think Montreal could win the Grey Cup this year, because there seems to be a trend in 2007 of teams that were formerly playoff disappointments winning, like the Senators or the Colts. I predict a Calgary Montreal final.

you obviously didnt read my post, and this reply doesnt back up your statements in the least bit. do a little research before you make such claims

When did this become a Blue Bombers thread?

Believe it or not, I'm excited to see Stokes back in an Als uniform, given Landry's departure. Yes, he's got butterfingers, but he can be an electric kick returner, and he gives us a different look in the receiver package as a second stretch man or decoy.

u better hope stokes has lost about 40 pounds since we last saw him blubbering his way onto the field.

Drummer, I am aware that he was overweight last year. However, I'm hoping that the trade and being outshined by Levingston have smacked some sense into him and made him want to prove that he can still be a dangerous kick returner in this league.

u sound like a hamilton fan hoping maas returns to his '04 form.

Come now, there's no need to be insulting. If Stokes falters, Popp will replace him with someone else. Simple as that.

Im kinda concerned about the lack of new receivers but the addition by subtraction is a good thing since it means no more Thyron "Im too good to catch a cfl pass" Anderson and O'neil Wilson.

Stala has to and should bounce back from a very weak year and it starts by staying healthy. Cahoon will be Cahoon as he always is. Watkins needs to get a bit more consistent in his third year as a starter particularly in the early season where he seems to struggle. Hopefully Popp has brought in some decent receivers to compete for that 4th starting receiver job.

As for backup QB I saw an article in the Montreal Gazette about a potential QB of the future for the als. He set a bunch of records with Texas Tech, auditioned for a bunch of NFL teams but couldnt quite make the cut each time. The knock on him is that he doesnt have a very strong arm but is very good at distributing the ball and finding receivers. I believe his initials were KK I just cant remember his name per se but Popp is quite high on him

Kliff Kingsbury

Nobody could fault the effort Stokes puts in on the field, the guy is dangerous after the catch, great runner, but also coughs up the ball far too much.

What I don't understand is the Als defence, with Phillion and Belli gone (two NI starters), they don't even have a starting DT on the roster ? Only DE's and LB's as far as I can see.

We have Romero (from last year), Charbonneau, and Spencer (signed this season). Then there's this guy Claybrooks whom Popp and the other coaches are extremely high on. I'm not worried. If there's one thing Jim Popp does well, it's finding fresh, unknown talent to replace players who leave.

Agree about Popp finding talent, but NI's like Philion and Belli, don't grow on trees.

True enough. But by that same token, it's not like we could just go out and replace Philion and Belli at will. We'll have to make the best of a sub-optimal situation this year and hope that a young player plays his way into the starting spot.

Either that or move one of our defensive ends, of which we have too many, inside to tackle. Can't really see Stewart or Cheatwood in that role; don't think Acholonu or Bowman have the size for it, but Truluck or Kashama might be able to make the move.