the als

wow i just saw alllll the changes made to there roster this year.....

what are als fans thinking bout this season...i still think a team like the als are always gonna be very competitive

They make big changes every year!

yah but are there any changedur worried about......duane butler??

I'm not worried that they'll beat your Esks twice this year!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sorry RNR couldn't resist teasin ya! :wink:

Not a one!
Popp is a great GM and always finds great replacement!
I am kinda sad to see Phillion go though!

Of all the changes, Philion and Butler are the ones that give me pause.

Philion was great, but we do have a surplus of D-linemen, just hope one of them is ready to step up and replace him.

Butler I'll miss because he was just great coming off the edge on blitzes. He lost his starter's spot to D'Wayne Taylor half way through last season, and while I acknowledge that Taylor is better in run support and coverage, he isn't the blitzer that Butler is.

However, now that we've got John Grace, there was simply no room for Butler (and with Donovan Carter, there may not even be room for Taylor anymore either).

My biggest concern is neither the D-line nor the LBs; the receiving corps is what concerns me. We need a major upgrade there, and it remains to be seen what the new guys coming to camp can do.

id be worried about receiver....who do they have besides cahoon?

Cahoon, Stala, Watkins, Wilson, Stokes, and a bunch of new guys of whom I know nothing. Oh and also Shaun Diner, who's kicked around the team for a couple of years and never shown anything in particular.

stala and stokes did nothing last year...i've never heard of wilson....and u just lost terrance edwards.

the als only have cahoon as a reliable receiver.

O'Neil Wilson was just traded to Wpg!

I think Montreal finishes 2nd this year, in the East obviously lol

It's funny, the last couple years there is always a certain amount of doubt surrounding the Als before the season starts. Yet they manage to keep showing up in the GC more often than not.

If you notice I never comment on the Al's the reason whats to comment. They always have a very good competitive team. This year it has been very quiet. If I were the bombers I would be very concerned. The Argo's as well seem to be very quiet but again a team that remains competitive. The Al's may be the team to beat for first and my piglet friend the Argos will may be the team to beat out for second place. The Tiger cats well that is a wait and see. The Bombers they will be anywhere from 1st to third but an injury away from 4th in the east. Milty, Armstrong or Glenn goes down it could be bad for the Bombers. But most teams are in that position really. I think the Est is going to be very close this year more then a lot of fans think.

Nobody is saying the East won't be a dogfight, and the Als are still the team to beat. But anyone who follows the league as closely as we do can get a feel for how things will go down. Didn't you pick the Bombers to be first this year ?

Well piggy in January I did but now that the Al's have made some very good moves the Bombers are slowly sliding down the ladder. The Argo's are reloading as well. The only concern for the ARgo's is behind centre. The Al's I am sure are filling in all the problem areas from last year. They always do just expect it. :lol:

Pop's crop of import receivers is "short" most are 5,10". Calvillo hates throwing to short receivers. (Cahoon being an exception).

Als will be the class of the East if Estelle and Pathon can make an impact. Also you can expect some quality recievers to be cut at camps around the league. Guys like Cope in Calgary and a couple others. I think John Grace will have a very big year for the Als.

Argos still don't have a starting QB or top notch running game. Ticats will need a while to get sorted. I think they will be a dangerous fall football team. Bombers are thin at just about every position. 12 wins is enough for the Als to win the East.

HfxTC you lost me when you got to Winnipeg. I think your assessments of Montreal Hamilton and Toronto are pretty sound, but I don't agree that the Bombers are thin "at just about every position." I think they are the class of the East when it comes to the receiving corps.

Well come to think about it you did say "just about", so as long as you are excepting the receiving corps you may be right there too.

Copeland will not be cut you can be sure of that. If the Stamps need to cut down at receiver it would be at Rambo's expense. I like Rambo but there is a couple of new guys that will be pushing the vets.

I'll take Rambo on the Als if Calgary cuts him. We have to stop recruiting midgets to be receivers. A big, athletic body for Calvillo to find on the deep routes would be nice, someone who, unlike Thyrone Anderson, actually cares about making the catch.

The Stamps have two other receivers in camp that are big and fast so someone is going to get a good receiver from the Stamps camp.