The Als Worst QB Ever

A While back some posts focused on the terrible QB's the Als have had over the years. However the absolute worst QB was missing from the list. That infamous QB, and the one with the most hype was Vince Feragamo [I am unsure of the spelling]. Vince Feragamo rated All American status at California University and was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams. Vince had a good spell with the Rams and appeared settled there. HOwever, the Als, were in the doldrums and this was a time when the Als fan base was essentially english speaking and, many of those fans had left the Province. In my younger days football was known as an english game.In any case, attendance at the games were at the lowest in years.

The Alouettes were sold to a high flyer out of BC who announced in the media that he was going to remake the Als and, sign some NFL greats to improve the team. This fellow's name was Nelson Scalabania [ for certain my spelling might be off]. Nelson hired some NFL greats- Vince Feragamo, Billy White Shoes Jackson [or Johnson?] and, I believe one other NFL player. Rounding out these new guys, Nelson signed an All American named David Overstreet.

What disappointment! These guys flopped and attendance at the gamed flopped also. Finally as the season progressed and Feragamo was benched. THe Als handed back the QB role to Jerry Datillo who, in the past year had shown promise as A Canadian QB. I believe the next savior was a Quebec kid, Luc Tousineau [again spelling is doubrful]. Luc was a fifth round choive by Buffalo in the NFL but could not cut it in the CFL.

So my choice as the worst Alouette QB has to go to Feragamo who was paid the sum of $300 000 plus which was a great salary in those days. Also, Datillo regressed and lost the early form he had demonstrated and ended up in Calgary. Eventually the franchise folded to be revived in the 90's with a solid francophone base.

It was White Shoes Johnson (although Carroll Williams wore white shoes before Johnson ever did). The other receiver you were thinking of was James Scott. I can still remember Ferragamo throwing perfect spirals that hit the receiver right in the numbers....sadly, it was the numbers on the BACK of the receiver's jersey.

Brutal, but he's no Ted White.

And, he has one redeeming quality.

It is because of him that we have Jack Bedell.

I agree with you that Ted White really has to be the Als poorest QB. In my evaluation of QBs I selected Feragamo because he was the most elite QB signing the Als ever had. Then after a few games he had the biggest fall of them all!
Another poor QB not yet mentioned in either of our post was Taveras Bolden who, I believe lasted 2-3 years with the Als. During that time I remember wittnessing him in 1 or 2 series of plays. He was bad!
I wonder what our readers think 2008 will and how the QB situation will evolve? My choice would see Calvillo and Brady in some form of rotation with one of them emerging as number one.

Sandy Stephens... he was supposed to be the big QB in 1963... He lacked maturity and had a huge ego. He was fired after a few games.

In terms of talking about Alouette QB's, in 1967 there was a quarterback named Ed Buzzell. He never played a league CFL game, just a few Alouette pre-season games in 1967. That year, 1967, the Als practiced at Jarry Park.

Anyway, Buzzell was cut in preseason, but in one game, an incompleted pass of his travelled 82 yards. And by that, I mean from where he threw it to where it landed on the field, it travelled 82 yards.

What an arm !!!!

Stephens was supposed to help us get over the loss of the Rifle, Etcheverry. Didn't work, but Stephens wasn't quite as bad as those who followed him, such as Bubba Marriott, Warren Raab, George Bork, and Vernon Cole.

To bad the receiver was only 15 yards down field! :lol:

I guess he broke off his route a bit too soon.... :lol:


Its been a couple of months since I have been on the board, but I agree with Ferragamo as the chooice. He is the classic choice of the old thoery that "any nfl qb" is a god in the CFL. Not true for a couple of reasons.

 One, he was the wrong style, even then. He was classic dropback thrower. You have to be a scrambler, or at least mobile for the CFl. Second, he was way over the hill by that time.  It just was not going to work for him with a bad team.

glad to be back,

Vince Ferragamo Right Where Held by Hamilton

His Rights Where traded to the Als

In Return Montreal sent Green and Grover Covington to Hamilton
Covington was Inducted into CFL hall of fame in 2000
He also was one of the CFL's Top 50 players #28 ) of the league's modern era by TSN.

Have to Agree what a Bust Vince Ferragamo was.

As an Als fan, that is not a trade that I care to remember......

George Bork - was the worst Al's QB ever...whenever he entered a game the fans would chant "Bork, Bork< Bork , Bork" like turkeys.

You guys may be going a little too far down Memory Lane. One only has to go back to 2001 and the great Dan Gonzales. P.U.!

Yes, how in the world did Gonzalez ever beat out Stanley Jackson? If we’d have hung on to Jackson, maybe we wouldn’t have gone in the tank as bad as we did when AC went down and Gonzalez had to play. Ah well, spilt milk.

And, I’m glad I’m not the only one on here who is old enough to remember Sandy Stephens and George Bork.

I googled Ed Buzzell just out of curiousity. He was drafted late by the 1966 AFL Houston Oilers after he graduated from the university of Ottawa of all places.