The Als to take it all out on the Ticats

... "Since I've been here with coach Matthews, I've always played, no matter the situation. And he hasn't told me anything different," Anthony Calvillo said. "I plan on playing - and playing four quarters."...

... "My preparation is the same every week", said Don Matthews. "Any rest to the veterans will become evident on game day. I've always felt that whenever you go on as a professional team, you're trying to win. The fans who pay for their tickets deserve to see the best team available. I don't think in the negative, that something negative (such as an injury) will happen."...

... "I'm willing to play every game, because you never know when your last game will be," said running-back Robert Edwards, who has surpassed 1,000 yards...

... "I think for us, this game is still important. We have to be on a roll heading into the playoffs," added veteran slotback Terry Vaughn, who achieved his 11th consecutive season with 1,000 yards in receptions. "Execution determines whether you win or not. I want to play. I get paid to play. My job pays me to play. They don't pay me to practise. This is game time."...

... While a rest would be therapeutic, Ben Cahoon said athletes are creatures of habit and don't want to break their routine. "The situation's completely different this year," he said. "We're motivated late in the season like never before and feel the need to win. There aren't a lot of guys who want to rest."...

I love that attitude!. I never believed in resting players when the season last only 18 games.


The Cats are really scared and in hinding!!! :lol:

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Sorry, Cats, your my favoites in the East, but I'm going with the Aloucords! :wink:

GO ALs!!!

I don't think so boys, the Cats will win this one by minimum 14 points, no probs, the Als are going to take them way too lightly.
GO CATS GO and show the league that even though we have no chance of being in The Show, we will pack Ivor Wynne nevertheless!!

Stupid decision on Matthews part, just hope it won't bite us back in the @$$ for the 13th.

Otherwise, i'll be glad to tell all Al's fan, I told you SO !

And if nothing happens, will you be glad to tell us "I told you lies because I'm easily frightened" ?

I would think that although you'd want your starters to get some playing time in, given the situation, it might be a good idea to have the backups play a bit to get some game action. Didn't Calvillo go down against Toronto last year, and because White hadn't played pretty much all year, he didn't move the offence?

Not that I want everyone prepared when the Riders come to visit, but I would think that you'd want the entire team prepared come playoff time, not just the starters that have played all year, and should be fairly familiar with their duties etc.

  1. If Calvillo goes down in the playoffs, White won't take us to promised land whether he played the Ticats or not. The reason he failed lat year was not because he hadn't had experienced enough reps. It's because he's the worst QB of the league, probably not even CFL caliber.

  2. Calvillo has been hurt about twice in a 13 years career. Granted, it happened at the worst possible time last year, but you can't live in fear of being injured.

  3. Getting a week of rest is the best way to give your body some healing time and gain back energy, but it is also the best way to break out of your routine and risk inconsistencies.

  4. Don't you think its sad enough that the season ends this week? We've been waiting for looong cold months last winter to see this season start and, in a flash, its already over. Let the fans enjoy their star players while there are still games played.

Of course Cavillo needs 444 yards to get to 6000 yards for the second year in a row. He has had several games over 400 this year, but that would be a season high this year.

I'm not frighten , how dare do you say that !

I told you in an another post, I still believe that the Al's will get the GC....

But, we all know that Calvillo won't have his 6000 yards, why not rest him and play our backups...especially Roberson !

That's what I would do, but i'm not the head coach, i'm just a armchair Gm/coach just like all you guys !

I am 50/50 on this one.
I agree the players need to stay sharp and should play but on the other hand why risk an injury. Its a tough call.

"Why risk an injury"... God, do I hate that reason.

If they don't want to risk an injury, they should not be playing football. You can't live with the fear of being hurt. Injuries happen every once in a while, and there's nothing you can do about it. Calvillo could stay home and get chicken pox or food poisoning. If we have to go at war without him, we'll do our best with the players we'll have then. But if he can play, so should he.

Have you ever seen Brett Favre sit for a game by fear of being hurt? These guys are warriors and should act like warriors.

Mtl's game on Friday is meaninless.
Do you mean to say that if AC got hurt in that game and could not play in the Semi your responce would be "Well they are warriors, It was worth it to beat Hamilton".

The game is meaningless vs. the cats and montreal's hopes of winning anything in the playoffs this year would be done with if calvillo got injured and they had to use ted white. If I were Matthews i'd sit Calvillo and Cahoon for sure.

I agrre wit hthird and ten the what if he gets injured excuse is a weak one at best. What if he gets hit by a meteor while sitting on the bench or what if he spontaneously combusts. Most of the als starters are very resilient guys that have had very few injuries thought their careers. Calvillo has had 2 injuries, cahoon 2, vaughn 1 or 2, stala 1. It seems unlikely they will get injured so why go into the playoffs on a losing streak if you dont have to

As people have already mentioned.....I agree that you can't worry about getting hurt.

And #1s Q.B.'s , like to play , so they are not rusty , for the next game.

However , both back ups should play for the ARGOS and MONTREAL.

Let.... A.C. , and ALLEN , play the 1 st half........and then put in the back ups the second half.

Fully agree. with a 20+ points difference, let backup players play

ro, I disagree that the game against the Ticats is "meaningless".

What is the meaning of having football teams play a game? World peace? Feed starving kids? Understand the meaning of life?

No. Its plain and simple to entertain the crowds willing to pay to witness the ballgame.

I LOVE football. I would watch a football game every two nights. Unfortunately, my team plays only 18 regular season games a year. That leaves me with 347 nights with no Alouettes playing. Okay, lets count the preseason too and add three games just in case they make it to the Grey Cup. That's still 342 nights without the Als on TV or in Molson-Percival.

That's a lot of nights in one year.

So as a fan, I want to see my players go at it and try to win each game - even the ones that can't change anything to the standings - because they MEAN something to me. I eagerly awaits each one of them. They impact my morale.

There's no way they should let me and the tens of thousands of other fans down just because it won't give them a rank in the standings. The reason they can spend their life playing the game they love and being paid to do it is because us, the fans, are willing to finance their playing time.

That's the meaning of that game. Giving back to the fans.

Anyone watched Montreal @ Hamilton game last night. It must have been the dullest game of the year. A total bore contest. It was disrespectful of the fans.

You know what, that stinker will probably send a torpedo in the eastern semifinal tickets sales. How can Montreal bandwagoners (the ones who fill the last 20 000 seats at the Big O) want to see a team that puts up such crappy efforts? With a strong win over the Ticats, people could have said "Well, now a lot of things have been fixed. We're ready for the playoffs". But that won't be the case now.

The Als will have only themselves to blame for the low attendance. And that is precisely why I say there are no meaningless games.

3&10 you are bang on. After a great CFL season, that was one boring clunker. Easily the worst game of the season from an entertainment standpoint. Deadly boring…almost more entertaining to watch paint dry.

Isn’t Ted White a piece of work?? Why didn’t we play Roberson for the second half? Argos gave Bishop and Peterson a half each today, we should have done the same.

T & did I love that stinker last night...

Now, I dont care 20 K, 30K, 40 K in Big O...i dont care..if it's 30K...more leg room for me :slight_smile:

usual MTL fans are only bandwagonners, and if they don't go to the Big O for the game and miss a great game, they'll be "pissed" that the next one is played in T.O.

At least, White ''hung'' himself with the rope that the coaching staff gave him... bye bye White, looks like you will be cut next may/june training camp !