The Als latest releases

According to TSN, McPherson, Bratten and Trent Guy have been released. Alot of speculation that the Bombers would go after MacPherson. They'd be fools not too.

Wasn't Bratten the one who dropped the all important pass in the end zone near the end of this past Grey cup game.

And for that mistake he walks the plank!!!

Confirmed on the transactions page:
MTL DEL IMP Adrian McPHERSON (QB) Florida State

Very interesting, especially McPherson.

I wonder why they released Guy. He was a good return man. Had a 129 yarder last season. He wasn't a free agent was he? He only played one season with them, so he'd be subject to an option year I believe.

McPherson would be a good addition for several teams including Hamilton. He hasn't played much but he's a 5-year CFLer and knows the game. He can run and he's got a strong arm. At 29, he should be in his prime. Burris is 37 and can't play forever.

An Argo-Cat fan

Bratton to Toronto?

"Bratton to Toronto?"

Possible, Jordan.

Milanovich would be familiar with his work and the Argos could be looking for more receiving talent.

McPherson backing up Burris would look mighty fine with Austin at the controls… :thup:

If MacPherson is so great, why is Montreal releasing him? Many players Popp jettisons are not worth signing. He knows when a player has jumped the shark.

He wasn't cut, he refused to sign a new contract. He wants a chance to compete. He deserves that. He's never caused any problems in Montreal and his teammates liked him.

Sign MacPherson NOW!!!
I was hoping we might be able to pry him away from Montreal, maybe in a package for Porter. May work out that way after all.
Burris isn’t a spring chicken and neither is Calvillo…looked like they were grooming him to take over for AC.
I would sure take him over what we already have or anyone else out there as a back-up.

I quite agree, rockfish. If MacPherson is actually available, I'd pick him up immediately, but only if he is agreeable to
come in as a backup QB. To me, there is a huge difference between MacPherson and Porter. No contest!
I'd take MacPherson in a heartbeat.
Burris won't last forever. He could go down in game one with a career ending injury at his age. Hopefully, this won't
be the case, but If this had happened with Porter as our backup, I'd have simply written the team off and assumed our
season had reached it's end.

From Drew's blog

Adrian McPherson, one of the quarterbacks that had been mentioned as a possible veteran back up to Henry Burris, has signed in the Arena League.

McPherson is a Florida native and has joined the Tampa Bay franchise, so playing close to home may have been a factor.

Very interesting. I wish Adrian the best. Family comes first with him, so it's understandable that Tampa would be appealing (especially after five years enduring Montreal winters!). Too bad his free agency gamble backfired. I think he was counting on being scooped up by another CFL team, but it never happened...

Did MacPherson make Montreal his home all year round?
I had previously thought he charted back to Florida at the end of each season.

Good question! I assumed he was here, but you're right, in all likelihood. (especially with a family and a baby girl to take care of)

This is a surprise. I think we dropped the ball on signing him. While he wouldn’t have been the starter here, you never know what may happen during a season(injuries, etc…). I’m surprised Winnipeg didn’t sign him. Anyone know when the Arena League season ends? He’s probably making comparable money to what he’d make here as a backup.

Adrian never lived in Montreal. In fact he made news when he jumped on a plane hours after the 2010 Grey Cup no bothering with celebrating with his team.

I don’t know that we dropped the ball. Maybe he was a bit tired of being a perennial backup and thought he’d try his luck looking for a starter or at least a platooned starter role elsewhere-- with starter money of course. He asked for his release and was granted it as I understand it, much like Quinton Porter did. It didn’t work out as he planned or hoped. These things happen.

He was unlikely to get what he wanted in Hamilton. Maybe the Ticats said they’d be pleased to have him come on board as a backup-- for backup money no doubt, since that’s what he’d be. And maybe he said, “No thanks, I’ve been there and done that. If that’s all I’m going to get, better I should do it close to home and family and friends in the Arena league. I can always return to the CFL later when some of these older starting QBs start retiring… like Calvillo, or Burris, or Ray.” That’s not dropping the ball. That’s both sides being realistic and businesslike. Totally understandable.