The Als just got better

What a nice morning this is !

  1. Dave Stala is back in the slot.

  2. Thus Thyron Anderson gets to play wide receiver, which he is good at.

  3. Kai Ellis is healthy and has to prove he deserves the DE spot R-Kal Truluck also covets while the latter is still injured.

  4. Clueless and ineffective linebacker Michael Botterill packed his luggage and left for Edmonton. Another great move by Dany Maciocia! :stuck_out_tongue:

I can't wait to see the struggling felines get in the Mighty Birds' nest...

... only 56 hours to go.

I dunno third... something tells me the Als might get a surprise in this game.. Holmes will be playing this game, good news for the Cats. Als fans seem to be a bit overconfident, hopefully your team won't take the Cats lightly. A team like the Ti(Tie? :lol:)-Cats are dangerous to play, they will be looking to get that 1st win, so it will be a close one.

  1. Great to see Stala back, should open up other receivers cause they'll have to pay him attention;

  2. I've been saying since the start of the season that Anderson belongs outside, not in the slot;

  3. Looking forward to seeing Ellis; Acholonu did nothing to particularly impress me at all;

  4. Botterill won't be missed.

Holmes played last time also. He fumbled hte ball on punt returns twice and was completely ineffective when running the ball. It just seemed like he wasnt playing because he was completley useless

Thats funny, I dont see Holmes name in any of the game stats for the game against Calgary.. if you are talking about the last time Hamilton played the Als, every player has a bad game.

Yes he was talking about the last time Hamilton played Montreal. Holmes was there and was brutal.

I know he wasn't playing to half his potential, but so many things need to be fixed in Hamilton right now that I doubt they could surprise the Als on the road.

  1. Holmes and Ranek have been totally ineffective on the ground so far. No running game puts a lot of pressure on the QB.

  2. Pressure is the last thing Maas needs as he currently has no victory, a ratio of 1 TD for 6 interceptions, and Ticats fans are expressing their dicontentment so loudly he might just hear them from Montreal.

  3. Hamilton has a problem in the secondary. It gives plays it shouldn't. And Calvillo is the kind of guy who will make you pay for every mismatch in coverage, especially if he has time to throw... and the Ticat pass rush was invisible when we played in their own backyard.

  4. When playing in Montreal, every point counts. Can Boreham get himself together? Missing another 3 field goal attempts is certain to sink the visitors.

I don't say Montreal is 100% certain to win, but Hamilton will need to pull a friggin big bunny out of the hat to make it happen.

The Al’s will be 3-0 after that game. By the way I hate the Al’s…

Last week, a lot of people thought that the Esks would beat the Bombers and look at what happened...

The Esks got their one victory thanks to a last minute miscommunication between Burris and Rambo. The Bombers were a question mark because they played bad in one game and good in the other. And they had just beaten a team without a starting QB, so the statement was yet to be made.

The Als are still unbeaten, will work with all its starters, plays a more than struggling opponent, and as if that wasn't enough, we spanked them in their own stadium just two weeks ago.

I don't think you can compare both games.

Third, I agree with you all the way, although I'll also smugly add that I picked Winnipeg to beat Edmonton last week. :slight_smile:

Our situation is different. We're rested, regaining two key starters, playing at home, and facing a team whose defence scored more TDs than its offence last week. Stala inside will take heat off Cahoon and move Anderson to the wideout position, where can beat DBs one on one with his size and athleticism. I have a feeling that Kerry Watkins is going to break out with a big game as well.

We had a formidable pass rush even without Kai Ellis. Now he's healthy and we are going to tear Hamilton's O-line to shreds.

I hope you have all your starters back for your visit to Winnipeg Third....I would hate to have to hear anymore excuses in the media from players telling us how lucky we are and how they made us look so good......

Uh, BB weren't all that good in first game. Als were asleep.

As for Ellis being healthy now ... give it a few days or games. Staying healthy has never been his strong suit. Popp should have grabbed Collier in Gades' dispersal draft instead.

You know I almost feel so sorry for Tabbies that if they somehow manage to beat my Als, I wouldn't be all that upset.

It's give them all the more reason to lay a serious asss-whuppin on BBs.

HAMILTON has to win some time.

The lay off may hurt MONTREAL , but they are always tough at home.