The Als in the Grey Cup...again...

Not to take anything away from the Als. Jim Popp is a great talent scout. And sure this league operates in cycles. During Flutie's era in Toronto, the Argos were the top team. Wally fielded some really good teams in Calgary. Now we're looking at Montreal being the team that is consistently good in their division and constantly returning to the Cup.

But we see the Montreal Alouettes over and over again in the Grey Cup and hosting the East Division Final. From a fans standpoint, I'm getting bored of seeing the same organization over and over again in the East final and championship game. Fans and media(please check the Dan Barnes' article in the Edmonton Journal, TSN's Jock Climie's analysis, ect) predict that the Lions will win. So it will be a repetitive bore to see the Alouettes lose.

Although it's a good sign for the Allouettes organization when they constantly host the East Final and keep returning to the Cup, it really takes away from all of the other teams in the East. I don't think it's healthy for an 8 team league when teams like Hamilton have trouble fielding competitive teams. Once Ottawa comes back, well, they will be in a rebuilding/expansion stage again. Winnipeg, a team that has the potential to be competitive, will be moving back to the West. The East really is a weaker division with 1 or 2 teams being dominant over a decade. We can be looking at the Als hosting the East Division again and headed back to the Grey Cup next year and the year after that.

I don't know how fans from Ottawa and Hamilton can stay interested in their respective franchises if they can't field competitive fields that can challenge for a top spot in the East division as well as a place in the Grey Cup Final. And we all know that attendance is vital for the survival of a franchise. So these teams have to be successful right away in order to draw fan interest.

What do you want the Als to do? Yield in front of weaker teams? Grey Cup berths have to be earned. I don't say this a cocky way. But you seem to put the Als at fault here. Every team wants to win. You can't blame the ones who do.

Beside, I'll counterbalance your opinion with mine: The Als could go to the Grey Cup every year for the next three decade and I wouldn't get tired of it !

The Esks just went almost unbeatable for 34 years. Now THAT was quite some time. Aren't you a bit early to call it on the birds?

I agree with third on this one. First place finsihes and grey cup berths are earned and the fact that the als have been in so many championships is a testament to what good scouting can do for a team

I think you've misinterpreted what I'm saying...

I'm not placing any blame on the Als for being ''too good''. That's ridiculous. I'm saying that teams like Hamilton and Ottawa had better get competitive or those franchise will be in some trouble again! Attendance will dwindle, the team will lose money along with games, and they'll just fold. And I don't think me or anybody else wants to see the CFL become a 5 team league! But those teams had better start winning soon if that kind of situation is to be avoided!

Well ottawa first needs to have a team if theyre gonna have a competitive team. Hamilton has a lot of problems that have been ongoing for a few years now. The QB position, which they did improve this year, was just the most visible problem. The kicking game has suddenly become an issue since boreham decided he cant kick a 40 yard field goal, the receivers constantly drop passes they should hold on to and the secondary needs to be able to cover better so the front 4 (which is the teams strongest position along with RB as long as they have lumsden) have a chance to get to the QB more. These are all issues that need to be addressed in hamilton before they can field a competitive team.

Really though hamilton and ottawa are the only ones that have really been suffering from this problem. Winnipeg competed to the very end this year, toronto and montreal are consistently competitive, calgary and bc were very dominant, saskatchewan improved a lot this year, and until this year edmonton had the longest playoff record in the league

The Buffalo Bills of the CFL. Well I guess they are not that bad, at least they one once in 5 tries.