Last year Trestman brought the offense to form and, based on tonight's game, it appears we will have an improved defensive squad. The Als had 4 QB sacks and, had a solid defensive rush. Twenty Two Als points came from Esks turnovers. It was great to see HUclack snagging a pass and getting a long run into the Esks endzone. There was some concerns about him even getting into tonights game.Shey Emery showed well againts both the run and the pass. I believe Emery was the best draft pick in 08 and has worked himself into the middle linebacker position. Cox looks better at linebacker than defensive halfback. He has great speed and, has already scored a TD from his lineback position. Proulx has to be the most improved player on the team. Like others before him, Boulay went after the money in the NFL, but now finds himself out of a first string job. Proulx had an outstanding defensive play in the endzone knocking down a perfect Ricky Ray pass. I would say that Proulx now " owns " the safety job. Anwar Stewart still seems to have great strength and, with Bowman are a good bookend pair.

A few offensive thoughts- Taylor demonstrated last week that he is good on the end around play. Tonight he showed his stuff as a receiver- he adds speed to the offense. I liked S.J. Green who might knock Bratten out of a job. He has good speed and good hands. If I remember correctly, he had 100 plus yards tonight. McPherson not only makes the QB sneak but makes 4-6 yards in the process. Now, if only we can perform in Oct-Nov as we did tonoght.

The D is tougher and better, no doubt. But I see a disturbing recurrence of that "settle into soft zones on second and long" garbage which at this point cannot be anything other than a scheme problem. Our first-down D is great, we get sacks and pressure, and we stuff the run. On second and short, we play aggressive at the line. Heck, on third and short, we play tight press coverage and force turnover on downs! But on second and long, suddenly we turn into Swiss cheese, and I don't like it.

IMO the scary thing for the rest of the league is that we aren't anywhere near as good as we could be, yet we're still winning against good teams. Once Trestman and Milanovich figure out the red-zone production problems and Calvillo starts to read defenses with his usual poise, watch out. It could get ugly. :cowboy:

It was more like 15-20

Only thing that bothered me was they had the Esks pinned deep(inside the 5) and could not hold them....they gave up 50 or so yards each time


I too thought Proulx played a solid game, and I liked his bone-crushing hit on Mann. THAT is how you strike fear into receivers' hearts. The job is Proulx's provided he can stay healthy.

Boulay? Don't know what's in his head, but it's not football. Absolutely retarded UR penalty on special teams that set the Esks up in good field position. I know he's probably mad that he lost the starting safety spot to Proulx, but get even by making plays, not by costing your team penalty yardage.

He did the same thing last week on Reynolds, Almost knocked his head right off and Reynolds neck is like a tree...

The defense as a whole is a work in progress. We have two new linebackers, almost 3 cause Diamond didn't even play a full season last year. Two rookie halfbacks. The athleticism so far is incredible add Randy Drew to the mix and Estelle is a backup !

Looking at the videos this morning I saw that J Green also played well on the special teams blocking one punt and acquitting himself very well. I believe this fellow has earned a spot as a first stringer. Will this be the end of Bratten?

The defence is a work in progress, albeit the learning curve seems to be very steep. We have anihilated two of the best teams in the league and are only in the formative stage of maturity in terms of our defence. I like the killer instinct we are displaying. We are showing better success when we play man and throw the blitz. This attacking scheme will mature over the season. Keep up the good, I mean GREAT work dudes. :smiley:

I still don't like the soft zones on second and long. Ray was driving the ball down field at will late because we kept playing off. The drive ended because Davis Sanchez stepped up and broke on a ball for a knockdown instead of just passively waiting for the catch to be made and then tackling the receiver. Burke has to grow some grapefruits and get the DBs playing tight.

I hear what you are saying Discipline dude but the mentality of a DB, or Corner in this case, is to go for the kill. It’s like a commandment…thou shalt not let the other dude catch the ball. It’s all about looking at it from the perspective of the DB. It’s more glory if you knock down a pass (diving) than if you let the receiver make the reception and throw him out of bounds. In fact Sanchez was actually going for an INT on that play but…what a GREAT play!!!..GO ALS!!!

I would like to add that from what I have seen to date, our man coverage will be more dominant and this will ultimately be reflected in the stats. Look for more QB sacks........can you say coverage sacks? I think that by adding more emphasis on man coverage and with the killer instinct of the D line and backers we will dominate defensively. The match-up with the Green Machine next weekend is the ultimate test for our troups at this stage of the season. GO ALS!!!

I think you misunderstood me. I agree with you. I think our DBs SHOULD be making plays on the ball instead of just sitting back and tackling after the catch, which is a slow death. Estelle was guilty of doing this a lot on Thursday.

I find it difficult to moniter the play of the defensive half backs from TV. I did not hear their names mentioned too much so, can I assume that this means they played very well? I would like to hear from those of you who attended the game re their play or from someone who watched as much as possible their play from TV. I know they are both rookies although their names have not registered with me. I would like some info SVP.

I only watched on TV, but I thought the rookie DBs (Parker and Brown) played well. Parker in particular seems to have good coverage skills one on one. On the Proulx hit on Mann, Parker already had Mann locked up in coverage and might even have been able to come down with the ball if Proulx hadn't delivered the hit.

The Esks picked on Estelle all night, with success. Sanchez wasn't thrown to often, as is fairly normal.