The Als found a way not to field a bad defense...

... they won't field a defense at all.

  • Mike Word (kicked out of the team by Don Matthews)
  • Felipe Claybrooks (injured - foot)
  • Rob Brown (benched - healthy scratch)
  • Tim Strickland (injured - ankle)
  • Kevin Johnson (benched - healthy scratch)
  • Duane Butler (injured - hand)
  • Almondo Curry (benched - healthy scratch)
  • Ricky Bell (benched - healthy scratch)

Word's departure gives me a reason to celebrate. Other than that, its a bit catastrophic.

Don Matthews plans on playing new rookies in Claybrooks, Bell and Curry stead.

Mawuko Tugbenyoh, the defensive end who never knew what to do on running plays, will take Word's spot. (Great when facing a running team such as Ottawa)

Our linebacker corp will be Patrick Dorvélus, Jeremiah Garrison and Mike Botterril.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Darrell Crutchfield and Kelly Malveaux will both play.

In other words, we're doomed. If the Renegades can't take advantage of that, all of them should be fired.

I read on that Word have quit the team by his own decision after a talk with Mathews. Anyway...

2 weeks before the end of the season, and that's our defense. We are better cross our fingers those guys step up to the plate.

Excerpt from the front page article:

[i]Reached later by telephone, Word pointed the finger for his departure squarely at Matthews.

"I don't like the way they do things. I sense no loyalty," he said. "They bring you in, you play a couple of games and then they make you out to be the scapegoat. There was one penalty on me, but we had allowed 12 points at that time and ended up allowing 49 points. It's not because of me that we lost."[/i]

Shut up disgusting individualistic untalented piece of temper tantrum crap!

Why should the team owe you any loyalty? You haven't been here a full season and you would like the organization to bow down before your fat angry ass? What makes you so special, Hulk? You think you can blow fuses all the time and let the team cope with it? What loyalty are you showing when you get your team an average of 45 penalty yards every game, including avoidable major foul calls? You play only average and you think you can be excused for your sad and unethical behavioural habits?

Listen to me Lardcan, you were unworthy of wearing that jersey from day one and I seriously hope no other CFL team will ever get as low as to invite you to training camp. Go back to being a useless back-up in the European developmental league. I'm sorry part of my season ticket payment was ever used to pay your salary, rhino dung.

Get lost.


lol mate what a rant !!!

That was quite impressive 3rd, too bad he probably won't ever see it. In theory, it could change his attitude, but he may be too far gone to come back.

Man, maybe the renegades do have a chance in this game..... I guess it'll probably come down to their defence stopping your offence.

Go Als! :slight_smile:

No holdin' back now, 3/10.....tell us how you really feel..... :slight_smile:

Perchance I missed something, but I never really got an explanation regarding the "departure".....was any real reason released, or does anyone have any inside information.....I mean, aside from the obvious bad attitude and all.....

Third, Careful now, you might be the next head coach of Winnipeg! LOL

With a rant like that, you might be the energy the Bombers are lacking! :wink:

lol... Yeah, I would be a good coach when it would come to ranting, but I would lack something big in the credibility department. Not that its a prerequisite in Winnipeg, though...

JM02, if I read between the line, I suppose things went a bit like this:

Don Matthews: Word, we've given you many chances to gain your spot on the line, but week in and week out, you've shown your inability to keep your composure and discipline. The guys don't even try no more to keep the offenders off because every now and then, you scrap the defensive stand by getting a costly penalty.

Word: F*ck that shlt. It ain't my fault they stlnk. Get me 11 talented teammates and we'll get it done.

Matthews: Word. You are the one leaving, and the reason I brought you to my office is to know how I'll get it out to the media. Do you wish to quit all by yourself or to have me tell the press we fired your ass? If you say you quit, that'll avoid me to throw a press conference to justify my decision in front of the media, and it will allow you to state your own reasons why you did so. If I need to do it myself, I'll have to tell all about how you poisoned the team, and then I doubt other teams will make you any offer afterward.

Word: Yeah right. Like they'll believe an old piece of golf cart driver like you.

Mathews: Have you seen anyone make an offer to Autry Denson this year? Trust me. People do believe me when I say a guy poison the team.

Word: F*ck it. I'll take care of it myself, and tell the real reason why I left... And that reason is you.

Matthews: I'm pretty certain that will bring a lot to your own credibility.

Word: Uh?...

Matthews: Never mind.

And then, Word took a bite in Matthews' desk and left the building, crunching and munching on the wooden scraps.

lol.....I kind of figured it was something like that.....

.......I wouldn't worry too much about your D Third, you are playing an offense this weekend that is strangely similar to the blindfolded guy from the audience that runs madly around the endzone trying to bump into the Westjet banner during a commercial break......

R&W, are they playing the Rider offence? Or is Marcel taking over in Ottawa during his bye week?