The Als are in trouble

Football is not a switch that you can turn on and off. The last two games the Als D has looked very vulnerable. I can see them tanking in the east final to either Hamilton or Winnipeg. I think the rest of the teams have caught up to them. :cowboy:

Boy do I hope you're right.

IF the team that meets them in the East final wins 2 straight to get there... both elimination games, (last regular season game, then Eastern semi), then they'll have lots of momentum, Hamilton must feel they can beat MTL, and Winnipeg knows they can.

After montreal's previous two games, im fairly convinced the al's defense can be easily dismantled.

The Alouettes’ defence is decimated by injuries right now. They went into yesterday’s game against the Bombers without three starters: middle linebacker Shea Emry, outside linebacker Diamond Ferri, cornerback Davis Sanchez. Early in the Bomber game, they lost starting left defensive tackle Eric Wilson to a suspected disclocated knee cap and ligament damage. If one-third of their starting defence is missing for the next week or two or three, the Alouettes are vulnerable. Their offence may be able to generate about 35 to 40 points a game against their CFL East rivals when quarterback Anthony Calvillo returns provided that he is healthy, but their patchwork defence has given up a similar amount of points in the past two games and this trend seems likely to continue unless they get at least two starting defenders back in the lineup. The CFL playoffs could be much more competitive and interesting than first thought.

it is better if they discover their weaknesses in the last 3 games, and fix them for the Eastern Final. (which I am sure Trestman will correct). Als will be in the Grey Cup.

I wouldn't be too quick to judge their d right now, Trestman will get them going and I guess they have injuries now as well.

As much as I detest the Als, I don’t think they’re in trouble. They played without CB Davis Sanchez, LB Diamond Ferri and of course AC. Plus, they had nothing to crank themselves up for. When the real shooting starts for them again, I think they’ll be there. Remember, these guys have unfinished business from 2008.

An Argo-Cat fan

How many cracks can you have at the GC and still not win it, WOW!
If they make the GC game and lose again this team must be cursed.

The Atlanta Braves of the CFL?

:thup: It is a game of emotion and momentum ....... Good call buckwheat the defense the AL's run has been exposed and maybe because of key players 3 starters missing but the fact of the matter is they have been exposed some major internal weakness ....

The Als probably didn't give a 100% effort against the Bombers so taht they would be less likely to suffer major injuries.

The Hamilton/Mtl game was a reality check for Trestman. If his #1 QB is injured (and every team that plays him would not mind that happening) can his #2 carry the load? Thus the story on the "away" game in the 'Peg, where McPherson was going all the way, sort of being physically dismembered.

He knows that has clinched the top of the East, and he can "rest" his banged up starters an extra week at no cost. He won't want to lose a home game, so we'll see AC against the Spies next week for most of the game.

Winning the Division gives him an extra curative week off for anyone with bumps or bruises, and when it comes to the Eastern Final, you can take it to the bank that their "A" team will be out there to a man.

Yes, their "weaks" have been sorely exposed in the past two games, and to get to the GC, they are going to have to face one of those two teams again, and those "weaks" aren't going to change a lot.

Are they in trouble? No; they are a superb CFL club.

Can they be beaten? Too obviously, yes, they can. They are a superb example of what makes professional sport "exciting" to watch.

I dunno.....I think Montreal will be fine.

Why is that Montreal gets to have an excuse when they lose ?? All the teams have or have had players out of games but Montreal has a few players out and it gives them an excuse for losing . If Hamilton had players out Als fans (and we know who im talking about ) would be all over this saying it doesnt matter and our defence SUCKS !!!!

You have to recognise that they have nothing to play for right now while the teams they've played since (Calgary, Hamilton and Winnipeg) are fighting for playoff spots, that's a huge motivation difference between them and thier opponents. They tested their Backups this weekend. They tested Macpherson, they gave Boulay some reps, they tested Guzman, Hawkins. They gave the ball to their best weapon six times. I will not take anything away from the Bombers but I think it is fair for some (myself included) to wonder if this is "trouble" or just a team going through the motions.

I don’t think the Als are in any trouble at all. They are a great team, their starting QB is the best in the league and will be back soon… next game likely, certainly tuned up and ready for the playoffs. People say the QB position is more critical in the CFL than in other brands of football. Well, in the last game and a half they played their little used backup QB and had some other injuries as well, and still were a serious threat, beating us and not doing too badly against a very desperate (and improving) Bomber team.

They have too much talent and depth to need to worry. It’s their opponents who need to do the worrying.

As long as Montreal has Ben Cahoon in their line-up, that team always scares the be-jeezus out of me. He can almost single-handedly take the wind out of an opposing team by swinging the momentum in a game.

It's sure going to be an interesting few weeks as the final regular season games are played out. :slight_smile:

As far as I know, we are presently the only team confirmed for the East final, on November 22,2009. Worry for your team,since they may not even be in the semi-final.

Once I know our opponents, I will then be more "nervous".


Hey Richard , to commment on another teams board makes me think you ARE worried and you can make all the excuses you want . They better play some defence this weekend !!!!