The Als are in trouble!

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According to the Gazette, the As will name Trestmann the head coach. Every CFL coordinator has refused to work with him...

It seems that Trestmann is Popp's choice... Wettenhall wanted Burrato, Smith wanted Marshall. So, Popp wins again... What does this guy have on the organisation? Blackmail is everywhere... I hope that we will not relive AGAIN the death of the Als, and the concordes...

I’ve been saying for six months now tha Smith and Wettenhaul are as responisble for the problems with this team as anybody. They set out with 5 recruiting criterias bothered about every orgs in the league and ignored their own hiring criterias in the process losing the only 2 quality coachs they had left.

The Als have basicaly isolated themselves from the CFL coaching fraternity and this will have a long term negative impact on the team.

They will either look like genius or they will take the team down with them. There is no in between outcomes possible here.

Does seem a little questionable on the surface.
IMO if Trestmann comes in with a heavy hand the veteran players will rebel especially the Canadian ones.
Its always a bit funny when a new coach comes into the CFL and will say "all jobs are open yadi yadi". When most people know they can't replace their starting Canadians. Maybe Trestmann will surprise everybody and not go that route, but the CFL is a different game as most Americans find out the hard way.

I don't like this move. Quite frankly, I'm appalled that Wetenhall and Smith have let the coaching situation deteriorate to the point where we now have a HC with zero CFL experience, no OC, no DC, no special-teams coordinator, and no guarantee that we'll be able to get CFL-ready people to fill those positions.

Herb Z. is reporting that we're considering Ed O'Neil of Hamilton for the DC position. This makes me want to vomit. So we want Vanilla Surprise cover schemes and our DBs playing 10 yards off the receivers at all times? This is the guy whom Zeke Moreno called out in public for not being able to get plays in from the bench in time. And we're reduced to interviewing HIM for the DC job? What a fall after Chris Jones.

The old adage that guys coming from the states are going to learn the hard way the CFL game is different, I don’t think applies nearly as much any more with NFL offences now lighting it up Brady Patriots style. NFL offences don’t rely as much on the “3 yards and a cloud of dust”. Personally, I’ll take a guy from the US with no CFL exposure who is smart offensively and creative to a CFL experienced guy who isn’t as smart and creative. Times are a changing.

Interesting that the Smith the mediawhore announced his choice in a press release LOL! Dosent' even have the testicles to face the press and the fans to explain why he chose a candidate that meets not one of his five hiring criterias.

The good thing about this hire is that it will make fans in MTL stop drinking the Smith Koolaid finaly.

HfxTC, I don't think anyone was drinking the Smith Kool-Aid. I myself have felt that Smith was to blame for handing Popp the coaching job last year when there were qualified people like Kent Austin to be had.

In any case, I pray to God that Trestman realizes he has to adapt to the Canadian game and doesn't think he can just waltz in here with his NFL pedigree and dominate.

I wasn't refering to you Discipline...But I've taken a lot of flack mostoly on for my opinion of Smith.

Smith is still quite popular with francophone fans mainly because of his friendly "exterior" and good oral skills. Most of them have zero knowledge of his history as a Commish like the rest of the fans in this country.

The Als have basicaly alienated every coach in the CFL with this hire. They probably can't even get guys like Paopao or Barrett to return their phone calls.

The only positive thing is by the end of 2008 the Als will be for sale to a new owner. I still can't understand why Wettenhaul was part of the hiring process of a HC.

HfxTC, why do you think that Paopao or Barrett wouldn't return calls because of Trestman? Does the guy have a bad reputation or something? I'm curious.

The man may be good. He certainly has great credentials, except of course the fact that he has had 32 jobs in 30 years is more than a little troubling. Everybody loves him (read his bio) but no one seems to want to keep him around for more than a year or two.
Anyways my feeling is that Popp is behind this and that is enough for me.
Section W pair and Grey Cup tickets for next-- the deadline hasn't passed for renewal. I won't, I'm gone, but maybe someone else will want the opportunity.

  1. This is Herb again
  2. I seriously doubt that a GM will have his way over the Owner

I disagree with most of the above posts and believe we have to continue to support out team, Larry Smith and the team owner. Examine my latest post on the main CFL menu for my rationale.

Even if the whole hiring process was a hoax?
Smoke an Mirrors is what I say.

I'm less worried about that because Matthews had also been known to wear out his welcome very quickly.

My post is under "kiss the 2008 Als goodbye.

hassall I agree with your post over in the other thread.

I agree with discipline that in my opinion the best move would have been Marshall (or Hall) as head coach, with Trestman as OC.

However, what is done is done. I am an Als fan, so for now I'll reserve judgement and give Trestman the benefit of the doubt. The brass went through an exhaustive process, interviewing 10 candidates, and if Trestman impressed them enough to beat out the likes of Marshall, Hall, Buratto, Higgins, et al, then who am I to say that they made the wrong choice?

There have been American coaches coming up here with no CFL experience who fell flat on their face; similarly, there are other American coaches who came up here with no CFL experience and did quite well. I hope Trestman falls into the latter category.

We shall see who he brings in as OC and DC, that may help give us a clue as to how this is all going to play out.

I don't get it?

We haven't seen what this guy can do yet.

You can't jump to conclusions. One thing that is better than last year, is that at least he is a "Coach", and has real coaching experience.

It's not so much Trestman on his own that bothers me. It's the scenario we find ourselves in:

Head coach with zero CFL experience.
Departure of most of our coaching staff, including DC, OC, and special teams / DBs coach.
Most teams already have their coaching staff set and won't allow lateral moves from their team to ours.
Consequently, there is a strong possibility that our OC and DC will also not be CFL-ready, i.e. Trestman will have to hire out of the U.S. college or ex-NFL ranks.

This much unfamiliarity with the CFL game in our coaches frightens me. We saw what happened this past year when Taaffe hired assistants who didn't know the Canadian game. Absolute disaster. I really hope we can pick up guys like Danny Barrett to round out our coaching staff and give Trestman experienced resources to lean on as he gets accustomed to coaching three-down football.

Trying not to jump the gun here...but I just can't believe that after last years mess, that after all this time, they announce the head coach (which I think was a risky hire but I think he is going to be good), but to not name coordinators, staff changes etc, stinks of not being organized or just a plain flat out disregard for the fans, our trust in the organization. I truely believed that this (when Popp was fired as HC, that it was a huge window to fix damage that was done) but apparently some of you were right...Smith is a bigger part of the problem than I for one thought!
I wish the new coach the best of luck, but Larry Smith better realize one thing, it wasn't that long ago that we were without a football team because of some very bad management decisions, so please, Larry, try being more dedicated to us, the fans, instead of Jim Popp! because this has all the signs of a J. Popp hiring!

I could not agree more. As bad as Popp was as a coach,he has gone lower as G.M. With all the great choices for coach, this is the best the Als can do?Trestman may be a good college coach, but he has no CFL experience.
It's a good thing the Grey Cup is being held in Montreal, because that way the fans will at least get a chance to see the Cup. The team will too-from the stands.

I can't wait for the 2009 season.Hopefully, by then we will have a real CFL coach and a chance to compete with the rest of the league.