the als are doomed

Here are the 2007 Ticats

3 Wins
15 losses
315 points for
514 points against

Diff: 199 points or (33 majors)

Here are the 2002 expansion Renegades

4 Wins
14 Losses
366 points for
550 points against

Diff: 184 points or (31 majors)

Anyone see a resemblence? In 2003 the Renegades imporved huge (according to most experts and fans) to
a 7-11 season and even if the Ticats were to accomplish this they would still be a notch below what the Als did last year.

Now I have no idea where Montreal will finish but to predict a four win season to a team that has averaged 2 loss at home per season over the last 10 years is just not credible or probable. Montreal will win at LEAST 5 of its home games and likely more.

Much too early to make any predictions. But based on the consitency of the Als and the players they have, right now I would see them battling for 3rd in the East.
I hate to say who the number one team will be but......the team that has a 1,000 yard rusher at QB and the initials KJ has to be considered the best in the East right now.
Winnipeg will definately be back as the Number 2 team and probablys battling for number 1.

I think you should look at comparing this team with the 98 ti-cats instead.

And even one of the worst pro football teams I have ever witnessed in my life (ticats of 2003) was able to win 9 games the next year.

I think that is doable. If all the stars align and everyone stays healthy 7 to 9 wins would be a successfull season.

9 respectable yes...7 not respectable

Calvillo is done all right…gee fourth in the league in passing, third best rating, even tho he missed a bunch of games.

Printers was offered a contract by the Als to start cause AC was gone for the season with his family issues.

Setta great on FGS, DD is a better punter

The Bauman/ Deslauriers issue??? Its a trade off. Well If you think that Murphy has shown enough to be considered better than a three time 1000 yd + guy (watkins), well theres not much I can do to change your mind. Ditto for Miles/Cahoon , Thurman/French/Armstead not to mention Stala and Desriveaux against whoever.

BTW, I have read in several articles that Casey is coming to camp nwith nagging injuries to hand and foot or ankle.

As far as the Cats?..They will get better, but lets face it

Start with a 3-15 team.

Subtract its best LBs,one of its best DBs

Add a couple of good canadian draft choices who may or may not be able to help this year.Add Miles who was a one season wonder in TO.

Sounds to me like a 4-14 team.

Printers is the intangible…with a healthy and happy Printers 8-10.

Without him 4-14 maybe worse.

The Als will win 12…

and of course, no body on this thread is biased :roll:

Probably the smartest thing said on this thread. :smiley:

See you all at IWS on June 26

You guys should have a good chance for the crossover if nothing else.... Eskimos have been steadily backsliding the last couple years as well....