the als are doomed

you would think the alouettes would've learned from our mistakes.
yesterday, the als finished compiling their coaching staff, and it is almost bereft of cfl talent. their last two assistant coaches include one from a catholic private high school in minnesota and a former intern with the tiger-cats.

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i think the als will be hardpressed to win even four games this year. and we all know how fickle alouette/expo/hab fans are: if their team isn't winning they are not interested. they are the definition of frontrunners.
this is great for the tiger-cats; less great for the cfl, particularly if there's a chance an expansion team could be placed in quebec city.

That will be interesting. Als have hired to QC guys for their training camp. I think that is outstanding. The feedback the players are going to get from this day to day as well as a true matrix to analyse player performance and improvement will be very helpful. From what I am hearing this coaching staff has been busting its arse for 3 months now.

I don't know how many games they will win or lose but considering this team won 8 games with the circus that was going on in MTL last year between Popp, Bellefeuille and some of the vets. I am not sure how you see them winning 4 games. But your post is a keeper fosure...

The Als have hired an American HC with zero experience in Canadian football - and he's added to his staff a bunch of other such coaches ... gee, surprise, surprise in the "radically canadian" CFL.

I wouldn't count the Als out however - they have some good talent on their roster - remains to be seen if the new coaching staff can deploy them smartly and come up with good game plans and a smart play-book. Plus, the play in the CFL East - with no real powerhouse team to fear, and for that matter, the West doesn't look like it will have any great teams either IMO. The Als will contend in the East IMO unless their new coaching staff is totally lost in the Canadian game.

I disagree with the original poster about Als' fans being fickle.

I have been an Als' fan since the late 1950s, and have never wavered.

They are my team, when they are great with Etcheverry, Dixon and Clark, Sonny Wade, Anthony Calvillo, and they have still been my team when we had Bubba Marriott, George Bork, Brian Ransom, and Ted White.

That's loyalty.

I'm not going to throw the Als under the proverbial bus in early May. They do have issues re Calvillo and their OL in particular that are looming, IMHO.

Their traditional edge in special teams shriveled up last year. Changes have been made, so it's going to take a while to see whether they can get that edge back. It's too early to say until their units show that on the field.

The recipe of not having a staff with a lot of CFL experience is generally not a good idea, especially at the coordinator positions. The experience of Ed O'Neil last year for the Cats hit home. When you extend that to the majority of a staff, the talent level of that group had better compensate. It's a little more involved than just pencilling another assignment into every play in a playbook!

Oski Wee Wee,

i am wondering was it Popp that hired Trestman? because if it was, i can see his angle. he wanted to hire a coach with no experience who starts off so bad he is forced to fire him and step in as interim head coach.

Trestman was hired by the owner after 9 hours of discussions. At most Popp could have given Trestman a bit of info into what to expect from the interviewers, nothing sick...

Perhaps "doomed" is a bit dramatic, on field the als certainly got better with the addition of Hunt,Cody,and a couple of others. Calvillo is a question mark due to his personal situatiion, however Brady seemed to gain a lot of confidence as the season went on.

As far bas coaching, you might be right that the lack of experience may prove to be a problem, but there are two schools of thought here, are they trying to develop the Next Don Matthews, or shpuld they done what the Cats did, decide to go with a CFL retread?

The Als will still make the playoffs this year, but maybe not at the Cats expense. Unless Kerry Joseph lights it up, and maintains jis 2007 form, the Argos may fail to make it past the regular season.

Rankings will be decided by injuries or lack there of...

i see the east as being in flux (some would say in decline). the alouettes won't come close to the mediocre eight games they won last year; if there's any injury at all to brittle kevin glenn, the bombers will slide back; and i'm not convinced that with all the issues in toronto (quarterbacking/new head coach/age at certain key positions etc) that they'll do as well either.
in other words, a moderate to somewhat significant improvement by the tiger-cats can be amplified into something greater ... our improvement in the standings will not just be generated by ourselves, but by the decline — sliding back into the pack — of the other teams.
we stand to profit mightily.
bring it on!

The Als will go at least 8-10 like last year. Even in that teams worst year they won 8 games. I think us Ti-Cat fans would be happy with an 8 win season this year. Its a lot better than 3..

Ya but they've been on a down ward spiral for the last couple of years and I see no reason why it won't continue. Their O-line is a big question mark, along with their receivers and Toni's arm is done. They'll miss the playoffs, someone in the east has to, also I see Toronto slidding a bit also, their defence is too old and they lost a lot of talent on offence. Boston could wind up being a prim time player or a major flop depending on a lot of things.

I think the Als will still have enough to make the playoffs. Maybe coaching will be their biggest weakness. In fact, my guess is that the same 3 Eastern teams will make it in 2008. The Cats are still a year away. The Argos will still be strong with the addition of MVP QB Joseph and RB Ebell and the Bombers haven't fallen off at all from what I've read and heard so far.

I do think the Cats will be competitive this year though. No more games where the outcome is a given by halftime.

An Argo-Cat fan

I suspect we'll be battling with Montreal for third in the east. That's a darn sight better than the last few seasons.

A downward spiral??? Wow, three grey cup biths in the last 5 years, one sub .500 record in how many years???

Anthonys problem is in his head, not in his arm.

The Ticats can only wish that they had the receivers that the Als had...Cahoon, Watkins both over 1000 yards, Thurman not far behind.Add Richardson and Delauriers (who BTW had Bauman type numbers) along with Desriveaux ans Stala waiting to step in.

I think the Cats will get better. A year will Printers will help, but as another poster wisely stated, injuries will probably determine who is going to win. The Als are significantly stronger at several positions (LB and in the backfield) and I think that Bradys performance at very least is conforting to the fans who in past years lived in fear of an AC Injury.

The Cats might squeak in, but it will be at Torontos expense.

you are missing the point, als4ever.
it's about coaching. and the als (who had a tumultuous season last year with players disrespecting popp, and popp disrespecting them right back — "you guys are making me look bad!" — will suffer because of it.
you can have the greatest roster in the league, and if you can't gameplan, scheme, adjust or make decisions on the fly, all the talent in the world won't matter.
the als will sink like a rock ...

While coaching is a big influence, the outcome of the game very much hinders on the player's performances. Bad coaching might cost a team 1 game per year (maximum).

It will not be the Als who fall out of the playoffs, it will once again be the ticats. They will improve, but will not win enough games as the Als, Bombers or even Argos.

Montreals Depth is much superior to the Cats'..

1- A hall of fame quaterback and a strong backup, as opposed to an injured star and a slightly unproven backup.

2- Your number 1 WR (Bauman) had almost equal numbers to the Als # 4 reciever (Deslauriers)

3- They have a much better defense, specifically the secondary, where face it Markeith Know;ton isnt the answer to your prayers.

ALS4EVER hit it on the button, when saying that IF the Cats do pass someone this year it will be the Argos

It truly amazes me how well and valid your point is when you spin it to SUIT your point eh?

Were the Als going after Printers to be AC's he was to be their starter (advantage TC)

Bauman had equal numbers to Montreal's #4...Bauman is our #4 as well (Tie)

Not even the Cats brass know what configuration will make up the TiCats secondary at this point.
The results on the field will dictate who has the better "D" (Unknown)

And Setta is a better kicker than DD. (advantage TC)

Looks like the Cats beat Montreal out for a playoff spot

Spun to suit the Cats point :slight_smile:

Toni's career is basically done, Trestman is not going to give Toni a bizillion shots to prove himself like we did with Maas.

And Bauman will make massive strides this year in his development, as he will be playing the slot and will be given a shot to be a go to guy, same with Murphy who I think is better than Watkins. He has the physical ability to be an allstar in this league.