The Als:An Enigma

The Als began todays game in typical fashion.The team had the first offensive series and quickly went to Toronto's eleven yard line- a drive stopped by a funble.In a second Als drive an intercepted pass left the team without a 14-0 score that was due them.
After this,however, the Als offense and defensive teams controlled this game.

The Als demonstrated an offensive they should have used all season.Like Mike Pringle did in years past,Robert Edwards was the energy around which the Als revolved.THeir most frequent play was Edwards up the middle.His power was the elixir the team required.In addition,for a change,the Als did some short passing to the blocking fullbacks using two tight ends.Piercy, Vilmik and Edwards were targets of Calvillo's short passes.The coach inserted a play in which Calvillo was the designated runner and Calvillo made some good gains in a couple of timely moments.In the game to come one has to hope that the Als plan for Calvillo to again run this desiginated play.This year Calvillo's average yards per carry was 6.6-this despite the many losses he showed.

The Als "new" playbook must be utilized in the Grey Cup game.This playbook will help the Als against a defensive rush they will undoubtly face in this final game.The Als took a good lead into the second half.The offensive line played with passion giving Edwards holes to charge through and gave Calvillo the required time for an effective passing game.THe team was well coached and demonstrated this by their offensive and defensive play.

Notes:Thryon Anderson was on the receiving end of a long touchdown pass which might eliminate him from the role of scapegoat of the year........Cox was effective tackling in the defensive backfield.........Boulay continues to develop in that area...and Coulborne,despite not even touching one of Toronto's kicks,had some good runbacks.Now for the final!