the Als already have a home playoff date...they think!!

This excerpt from Drew Edwards of the Spectator...

Bellefeuille received a rather unusual email this week inviting him to purchase tickets for the Montreal Alouettes home playoff game.

That he was on an opposition’s mailing list wasn’t a surprise — Bellefeuille was a season-ticket holder when he coached there in 2006 and ’07 — but that the team is selling tickets for a game it hasn’t clinched raised a few eyebrows in Ticatland.

“Each organization does what they think is best,? Bellefeuille said, smiling. “We’ll just leave it at that.?

The Alouettes can secure a home date — they play their post-season games at the cavernous Olympic Stadium — with a victory Sunday over the Ticats, but a Hamilton win would make the game’s location far less certain. The Ticats would be just a game behind Montreal and hold the tiebreaker courtesy of three head-to-head wins.

Reaction from Ticat players on the Alouette sales strategy was mixed.

“I don’t know anything about that — I don’t work in the ticket office,? said Ticat running back and former Alouette Avon Cobourne. “How they handle their business is up to them.?

But linebacker Williams questioned the timing.

“They can sell all the tickets they want but they still have to play us first,? Williams said. “We’re going to out there and give them hell.?

Caution would likely dictate that you would at least wait until you play the deciding game of a series against one of the teams that you are directly competing with for that very game.....Not smart timing...or an arrogant assumption???

Smart money says the Als will have a home playoff game.

So far the Cats have shown nothing more than flashes of brilliance amidst stifling mediocrity.

Why should the Als care if this is fodder for our team?

Until the Cats prove otherwise it's a completely moot point.

It's put up or shut up time for the black and gold.

Also, keep in mind that the marketing and sales side of the Als organization isn't the same as football ops. It's not like the players or the coaches are thinking a home playoff date is guaranteed.

Hi Discipline:

I understand that one department is independent of the other. I just find it curious that they would send to a coach, who hasn't been part of their organization for at least 5 years, and is now heading the team that you are competing against for a home playoff date such an email at this time.

And if its all so innocent, why did he not get similar emails during this same time in previous seasons? Perhaps, because the Tiger cats weren't such a threat in those years?

While the two sides are separate, that does not mean that the players and the coaches aren't thinking a home playoff date is guaranteed. Only they know for sure. :wink:

If the Cats should run the table (win their last four games) then they too will have a home playoff date. Not likely, I admit, but in the CFL anything is possible.

It's weird, I agree, but FYI, the Als have a new president this season (Ray Lalonde) and the marketing side of the organization is undergoing changes. It's possible someone in Lalonde's department goofed. Either way, I doubt anyone in Als management is pleased. They certainly wouldn't want to give the Cats any bulletin-board material for Sunday's game.

:D True, but since we have no evidence to indicate players and coaches think a home playoff date is secure, I prefer not to speculate. ;)
If the Cats should run the table (win their last four games) then they too will have a home playoff date. Not likely, I admit, but in the CFL [b]anything [/b]is possible.
It is certainly possible. Look at the number of consecutive wins the Lions have reeled off. And this has been a really weird, outlier year. I can't remember the last time all six playoff teams had a shot at first place in their respective divisions this late in the season.

They might as well start selling those tickets now , because a Cats are going to come out on the field uninspired by
our lack lustered HC and sting the place out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

sting? you mean 'stink'?

Drew is quickly becoming a shill LOL ! Won't print anything that may upset Marcel or Ob but is glad to be used like a cheap w... when it suits them. :lol:

Marcel should wipe the smurk off his face and worry about his own business. and if he's held tickets in Montreal for two years he would know that nothing has changed. The team has 3 million dollars of tickets to sell with zero help from the media in hockey mad Montreal, they do it the same time every year.

Maybe he's run out of ways to motivate his players...