the ALOUETTES tryed to get Ricky too***

heres one for all u haters who support the als...and THIS IS from PERRY LEFKO, who knows what he's talking about:

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He has been suspended from the National Football League for his fourth substance abuse violation and failed to overturn the verdict in an appeal. Within hours the Argos placed Williams on their negotiation list -- beating the Montreal Alouettes, who also considered the move, in the process

hahahahaha, in your face alouette fans, u tryed to do it too. so your organization is as classless as u think the argos are!!!!!!!!

So it seems... and it's up to every individual to show if he has as little class as its team, by being happy or ashamed by such signing.

....or could there be a little envy going on..about certain signings...we'll soon see how this all plays out :o

As I walk away from my interview with Ricky Williams, I am reminded of the lyrics from the song Ricky by Weird Al Yankovic: "Hey, Ricky, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind. Hey, Ricky. Hey, Ricky."

Yes Als TRIED to put whatsisname on their neg luist first. That's old news and was reported by Gazette a few weeks back. Issue isn't sour grapes by Popp. He (and other GMs) are wondering how a player already under contract to NFL can sign CFL deal esp when standard player contract provides for one year plus option.

Wright said he wants issue of each league honouring the other's suspensions as part of new NFL-CFL currently being negotiated.

how can u say it isnt sour grapes, when popp, himself, tryed to get ricky?....obviously he woulda thought about that b4 trying to get ricky for himself, no?

the ONLY BOG's who had an issue with this were montreal and hamilton...AND montreal Tryed to get him themselves....which means ONLY hamilton cared..and its only because they wont sell any extra tickets from this, because they are sold-out every game anyways ( same with montreal )..

So, if Als and Cats wouldn't have benefitted because they draw near sellouts and Als have good enough running game, then maybe there wouldn't have been any point.

But remember, we're talking about Argos beating Als to putting him on their neg list which was a mth ago. Argos felt that it was good for them, create some buzz in their market. Argos' position of 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances for players and their almost evangelical approach to "saving" players and make them productive people also had role.

Just because Popp tried to put him on list doesn't mean Als would have signed him.

And it's not just he and Cats that have problems with it. Buono and Higgins don't seem all that impressed.

but obviously popp wanted to TRY to sign ricky to his team....and he only cares because he didnt and the argos did.

Yes, but signing of him is giving Argos far more buzz in Toronto --- and to a degree, nationally, than it would have had Als signed him.

I think Argos hope to capitalize having him for a year to boost attendance heading into GC year --- conversion of those misguided NFL types and all that.

people need to stop lookin at the negative here, and start lookin at the positive...

-television ratings should be at all-time high this season

-attendance will be up in other cities when the argos come to town.

-increased television views, should get more people out to games all across the league.

-alot of people who never watched, will be interested in the CFL for the first time in a long time...and we know its a good product, and soon too will they.

-maybe 25% of people watching this year for the first time, will stick around next year, and the year after that!

-CFL merchandise is selling like hotcakes. and any new fans watching might be anti-argos, and put thier new loyalty to a different club and buy their shirts. example... kid in montreal watching CFL for first time outta ricky curiosity, might hate what the argos stand for and comeout to support the Als, then love them and continue support next year.

-if it wasnt established in the last 2 years, it is now - the CFL is the cool thing to watch.

Couple of things DG

  1. The Als fans didn't try anything!
  2. Did you read the article? it says
    Within hours the Argos placed Williams on their negotiation list -- beating the Montreal Alouettes, who also considered the move,

Considering is one thing doing is another, because you can think about it and then decide it is not the right thing to do!

  1. Popp was on the news the other day and he say they considered putting him on their list for after his contract was up in the NFL. Yes he can say anything now but that is what he admitted to.

  2. I know you wont believe me but had the Als signed him I would have the same opinion as I do now>

considering the move was all they could do, because they were too late to do anything else.

how could they move anyfurther, when the argos got there first?

had the argos not gotten there first, the Als woulda.

and im sure u woulda had the same opinion, that i do not question...but u keep saying the argos are classless for this move, yet the als woulda made the same move, so are just as classless.

good post seems some people can't see the forrest for the trees...the interest created ....surely out-weighs the downside....and that my friends is (show) it or not :thup:

I dont agree with you DG because I dont think that they had only seconds to act.

They considered it means they thought about it. It is possible(but doubtful) that the Argos got there first because the Als decided not to!

the argos claimed him within an hour of the NFL refusing rickys appeal, so the Als only had 1 hour to consider it, b4 it was too late for them to act on it.

the fact is the als thought of it, and i suspect, had the argos not done it first, the als woulda added him to thier neg list.

u can think what u want.

They prob would have!
The point I am trying to make is maybe after 30 minutes they decided not to put him on their list. Again, doubtful, but possible!

lets just say, for argument sake, that u are correct, and they decided they didnt want to add him, even tho they had the chance...its not because they dont MORALLY agree with adding ricky.

its because theyd be paying ricky $240,000 a year and not beable to sell any more tickets than they already do. they will sell-out 20,202 tickets game in and game out with or without ricky, so why take on that salary?

had they been playing in the BIG O every game, where they could sell 30,000 more seats every game, they woulda done it....had the argos not done it first.

the als play a reg.season game at the BIG O this season against edmonton?...maybe they should add another reg.season game there against toronto, so they can benifit from this....or would that hurt the draw for the edmonton game?...montrealers can only stomach the BIG o for 1 reg.season game per year, and they would skip edmontons game to buy the toronto game?

Drummer, had the Als put Williams on their negociation list, he would have had the same status other guys have. In the queue to start negociating should he get released by the NFL.

The ARgos signed him while he has a valid contract over there. THAT is what Popp complains about.


  1. It is not sour grape, because Popp does not complain because the Argos hired the guy. He complains because they hired the guy WHILE HE WAS UNDER CONTRACT IN THE NFL, WHICH IS AGASINT CFL RULES.

  2. Yes, this means the Als were still interested in getting a drug addict on the field, which with I disagree as much as I do seeing him sign with another team.

Papa, I can name at least 30 players evolving in teams not playing in Montreal that I would just LOVE to see dressed as an Alouettes. Yes I envy some teams for having guys such as George White, Andre Talbot, Gavin Walls, Barron Miles, Jason Tucker, Gene Makowski, Agustin Barrenechea, John Grace, Kevin Eiben, Charles Roberts, Brent Johnson, Malcolm Frank, Jason Armstead, Terry Vaughn, etc.

But Ricky Williams, Onterio Smith, Keyou Craver and Quincy Carter are not on my list.

its the same thing the als woulda had to do to get him to play for them. why would popp had considered adding williams on that day, and not along time ago, if he had only wanted to wait out rickys NFL contract?...c'mon, dont play dumb and innocent.

and, NO, its not against CFL rules because the toronto star, and tom wright himself, said the NFL nor CFL enforces the others suspensions. AND the argos got the dolphins permission ( who holds his NFL contract ) and the NFL' that is a non-issue that u fail to recognize because u fear ricky williams.