The Alouettes Should Withdraw The Number 59...

I am happy to have followed Pierre Vercheval’s professional carreer and to see him today, the first francophone to be intronized into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. Excellent player, recognized by all for his team spirit, justly qualified as a “Gentleman?, he was and remains the best ambassador of this sport in Québec.

We must acknowledge the fact that his example has served to communicate to hundreds of young Québécois the passion for football and he largely contributed to the development of university football in Québec. It is thanks to people like him that our youth now have access to an excellent sport as well as graduate studies in their mother tongue in Québec. In fact, his example reflects on football as a whole from secondary school to university.

Pierre Vercheval has cut a place for francophones in this sport, and still today, by the quality of his French, and his job as sports analyst, he brings a better comprehension to the rules of the game.

I therefore suggest that the Alouettes now withdraw his number to emphasize the immense contribution that Pierre Vercheval has brought to football.

I thought they had.