The Alouettes Defense Wins The Games

Last year while the Als went to the Grey cup the offense steered the way.However this great offense was not able to beat Edmonton as the defense was suspect.Their defense was unable to contain the Esks.The task for Jim Popp in the off season was to find new bodies for the Als defense.It would appear Popp was successful as the defense is now winning games for the Als.The newcomers are making solid impressions:Etienne Boulay a second round college pick has been a great suprise.He first showed his stuff in the exibition games-he has great speed.He now is a leader on special teams as he demonstrated last night.He also can fit well into the defensive backfield.Chip Cox has also showed speed with his interceptions and general pass coverage although last night he lost the starting position to Clint Kent who also is a speedster.Romero,who played with the ESks before his stint in the NFL,is solid at defensive tackle.Anwar Stewart,despite being double teamed by the Esks ,is having another great year.
The Als offense is struggling this year.Prior games featured dropped passes and an inability to cordinate as a team.The reliable Dave Stala was dropping passes and fell off the first string team and Thryon Anderson was dissapointing.Last night in the second half Calvillo played his best this year as his passing was sharp.Paul Archer,a St Mary's grad filled in well at offensive tackle and the whole offensive line opened up holes for Robert Edwards who displayed good first down yardage and had two TD's.Kai Ellis was a sound pick in a weak dispersal draft.I can't understand why Pat Woodcock was not claimed.Now if the offense can learn to play four quarters the Als will be tops.

Theres really two ways to look at this team. Either the way you put it where theyre undeachieving but still on top or you can also say that the team barely got most of their wins and could very easily have a much worse record and are not in fact that good

The Als ARE actually that good.....Ever heard that great teams find a way to win,,,The Als are the class of the CFL for the moment and wait till their offence gets on the same page....They are 6 and 0...Again they could be very easily have a much worse record...BUT to state they are NOT that goodness...what does team have to do...First I see they have not played a real team ...Give this team the credit they deserve..... :roll:

They don't play as a team. When the Offence is cruising, the Defence is giving up big plays. When the Defence is punishing the opposing Offence, our Offence is going 3 and out.

Also, play calling is little off, and Calvillo can't find that deep ball like he used too. I don't think that Anderson and Watkins are deep threats. Not like the days when we had Jeremaine Copeland, Kwame Cavil and Terry Vaughn.

But one thing is good, the Offence will score WHEN IT REALLY HAS TOO! And they win games.