The Alouette March (cheer/song) question


I'm wondering if anybody has a copy of the lyrics from "The Alouette March". It was included on the CFL Songs record from the 1960s by Dal Richards (Dal Richards And His Orchestra - CFL Songs | Releases | Discogs), but I cannot make out all the lyrics in certain parts. The Argonotes website had the audio of the recordings up for a while, and I believe you can still listen to these on the archived site (CFL Fight Songs). I've also tried a few web queries that bring up different songs.

My ears can make out the following:
“The Alouette March”
On the go, on the go
We’ll be in the great big show
With the Alouette march
We will try, we will try
Yes with all occurring stride (I don't believe this line is correct)
With the Alouette march
We will move right along
We won’t let the public down
As we fight to win the game
We’ll be on our way to victory
As one and all we fight to see
The Cup run back to our home town
We won’t let the defense interfere
We’ll break down teams from far and near
And practicing the Alouette march

I'm not sure if the song gets integrated into Alouettes games any longer (if it ever did in the first place), but was hoping someone around here may know the lyrics.