The Alberta LDC, September 4th 2023


Anyways, really smoky here, air index of 9, officials are debating, fighter fly-by unsure due to viz, really thick out there…I have a lung condition and just lugging a couple propane cylinders from the curb to the yard was uncomfortable…

We shall see, maybe it clears up in a couple hours…


I was just going to start a game thread but assume that you intend this to be the game thread.

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Might as well…

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A reading of 10+ is considered “Very” high. 7-9 is considered high. Not sure I would want to be a fan sitting outdoors for 3-4 hours let alone being a player.

Is there a way of finding out if fans are coming into the stadium? If they are then you would think the game will not be cancelled.

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Let’s hope this game is a good one. Don’t need another one like this afternoon’s stinker.


I hope to make it home in time to catch the 2nd half. Doesn’t look like I missed much out east today.

Pirate Sports Network Coverage

Tonight’s game is also on our network of course, and that will be a wrap for our crew on this busy sports weekend.

Amidst some of the sparring in celebration by those who are fans of the Boatmen, Pirate Cat is seething and has called it a night already so as to take out his frustration on some mice.

In related news as linked below with the actual photo upon official announcement in Germany this morning, we received news of an international honour for our global and humanitarian service.

Enjoy the Battle of Alberta tonight everybody.

Can still.go 3-1 for the week

Cody made sure i couldnt finish 4-0 lol

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Missed nothing at all.

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Strange Bell Pure Fibre ad there

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Predictable. The TiCats had some " moments" but that was about it.

If there was a highlight I would say it was when Referee Foxcroft ejected #20 of the Argos with just 11 seconds left in the game. Why would I consider this a highlight? Because this was Foxcroft’s last game. He is retiring after 22 years of officiating. His final official penalty call was to eject one of the players. I think # 20 is McFadden. I wonder if he congratulated Foxcroft on his retirement and wished him well. :grin:

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That young secondary of the Elks just came up big there…

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Well the beach isnt happening as the gf is looking for a night in and I dont want to go by myself.

Back in time to see a Paredes FG!

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I am looking for an Elks win today. The D is playing well. :+1:

Wall is not a guy Calgary fans want to see go down.

HATE the white pants…

Nice punt…

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Love those Calgary uniforms. Very smart. Hope they scrap the barber shop uniforms soon. Those ones look terrible.


Cody Grace was about to light him up!

I love that kid

Like a good returner - Sims had his head up…

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Nice run by Ford!

Elks up 3!

Kai Grey is improving quickly for a rookie…


Edmonton holding their own so far. I picked Calgary in the pool because they were at home. Not sure but I may have been in the minority.

I’m not convinced yet that Edmonton can win consistently but I’ll have to reassess should they pull this one out. I’m also not convinced that Calgary can win this one and considered this game another toss up call.

At least it’s looking like there’s a decent chance this game will be a good one.

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