The airlift has started

According to Kenny this morning:

The airlift has started. Bellefeuille said San Jose State QB Adam Tafralis is expected to report to practice today. Bellefeuille said the Cats will likely have two new defensive linemen in today as well. An import offensive tackle is expected before the end of the week, along with a defensive back.


red24, this is little more than a mini-tryout camp

A couple of these guys may stick around

but the most, most of these players can expect,
is an offer of a contract for next year's training camp

Yes, I'm aware of that. But occasionally guys can slot right in. Last year Charlton Keith didn't look bad for a while...not sure what happened to him this year. And of course hope spring eternal that the next saviour is around the corner!


When I was at the labour day game , I ran into Scott Mitchell and asked him about the release of Chang. He stated back then that they were high on a new QB that shows a lot of promise... Adam Tafralis sounds like the guy.

What does this mean for our other QB's? I thought that Porter may have some potential also. Ritchie can be trade bait and I wouldn't mind that.

This kid tafralis has canadian grandparents.AND will be very very good

OMG....the next savior has arrived....

Don't jinx him.

His grandparents and my grandparents went to separate schools together. :cowboy:

i thought chang was going to be very very good

until he starts a game for us let him be on the practice roster

we have 3 solid qbs right now anyways, i think they are grooming him for when casey bolts at the end of next year

His grandparents and my grandparents went to separate schools together.
:? opposed to going to the same schools separately? :)

good one Bugsy...very clever.

3????? i hope your not saying Porter....the guy looked dreadful IMO

the guy threw 2 balls that were longer tahn 20 yards and they both looked like the worst thrown balls i had ever seen.

i'm exaggerating, porter played okay. He didn't have any ints which is a good sign. when printers leaves at the end of next year, we will need a good back up for richie.

I bet when the players heard there would be a trade they all started crying very loudly take me Obie...Please take me....O God please let it be me. Zeke was gone so fast I'm sure he forgot half of his clothing. :cry: :cry: :cry:

There you have it. The season is officially over. They've given up. The rest of the season will be auditions for next year. I'm unlikely to watch any more.

Thanks for making me laugh on a bleak day in Hamilton.