The Addition of Richie Hall

I ave to say since the Grey Cup game the biggest news so far is that of Richie Hall. The addition to the Eskimos is going to have a ver y good impact. I guess anything is better then DM. The only question mark would be is Danny capable of recruitment of the players Richie needs to be successful. As far as coaching I believe the guy will do well for the eskimos as long as he gets the players needed. Great news for the Eskimos in my opinion.

Shouldn't this be in the Edmonton section?

Richie leaving is the biggest loss for the Riders this offseason. No matter how many players leave, losing a community minded guy like Hall is huge. You can always replace players, but you don't get too many Richie Halls, and ET was asleep at the switch not to make him Saskatchewan's head coach last year.

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I think we already have a good group of players, especially on offence. Our defence is lacking a little, but hopefully with a defensive guy at the helm, our defence will improve.

I wonder if the Rider fans will throw beer cans at him, when he visits with his Eskimos?

Don't you have anything constructive to add?? Another one of these "shove something at the Rider fans every chance you get" participants. Thanks for your contribution ... again.

It should be a big thing for our defense. We've had this terrible philosophy the last few years, of having the backs give too much room to the recievers, which has led to easy first down plays by the other team. I like to think that Coach Hall will put an end to that mentality, and have our defensive side getting more aggressive.

Its not only just that beagle, but another one who paints Rider fans with same brush. 42 out 30,000 + fans act like idiots and we are all beer can throwers. Just another moronic post by another Rider hater.... :thdn:

Re: Durant returning to Saskatchewan

Postby sambo42 on 02 Jan, 2009 - 14:57

HfxTC wrote:Durant is a yawner, what I want to see is where the Riders 3 young talented LB end up.

In the CFL, nowhere near the dead end place of Halifax...

Sambo your the biggest hypo..on this board. I make a football related post regarding possible player movement and you come back with this and then you whine about people labeling Rider fans. If your gonna dish it out...

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More than likely all three will be back in Sask this year... There have been signings they just haven't been announced yet. I bet that 1 or 2 of the five signings were linebackers. I will stand by my statements... it seems that Halifax is still living a dreamworld of actually having a CFL team.. hence the comment of it being a "nowhere" place... is that football related enough for you?

Let's stick to the topic, guys. I think we've had enough petty arguments take over threads.

I am forever grateful and appreciative for what Richie has given to Sask as both a player and a coach. I wish him well in Edm (except when they play the Riders, or just about any other team for that matter :stuck_out_tongue: ) but there is absolutely no assurance that he will succeed by any definition of that word, whether taking Edm to the GC or just having a better regular season record than under DM. I believe he has a better chance of "succeeding" in Edm than, say, Rich Stubler but it is as much because the organization collectively is better than the one Stubler worked in. Mind you, I don't think it is the organization it once was, which is one reason why I think that Richie Hall can't do it alone. We'll see if he is the next Kent Austin or John Hufnagel, except from a defencive background.

I don't think that Hall will do as great as people are saying. he's not a proven Head Coach, and I am very skeptical

It’s hard to predict.

Some great coordinators become great head coaches; others do not.

As for great defensive coordinators who failed as head coaches, see:

Stubler; Rich
Daley, Jim
Etcheverry, Gary.

And the other side of the coin, there have been great defensive coordinators who went on to become great head coaches; see:

Matthews, Don
Buono, Wally.


As I said before I was so rudely interrupted, that Hall's loss will be felt throughout the community, not just the football team. I feel he will do well, as he gets the most out of his players. The City of Edmonton got a great community minded person and team ambassador-- as I said before, Tillman dropped the ball on hiring Miller and not Hall as the Rider coach last year.

KOKO the ape would be better than Dancing Danny. But this is probably going to have a very big impact on the performance of the eskimos in the 2009 season. The only problem is can Dancing Danny provide Richie wtih players that can make him successful in his rookie season. I hope so Richie Hall isa great guy and I am very happy he is finally getting a chance.

Funny Huffer, Austin nor Miller were proven coaches. Youseem bitter.

Sambo with the exception of the first part of your post I would have to agree with you. If you measure Miller with Austin is there a comparison. Yeshe had early success but that was it he had a good team to coach. But he lost the semi final game due to his coaching imo. Would Mr Hall do better I guess we will have a chance to see that next season. Richie is getting a team that is lacking success. This will be a good test for him and I believe he will do great.