The Actual Football (I Had An Epiphany)

It just hit me last night that instead of making any drastic rule change that one thing the CFL could consider is making the actual football more aerodynamic and easier to throw.

Not sure if this would mean a slightly smaller ball, denser ball, longer shaped ball. I'm guessing slightly smaller ball if anyone has ever thrown one to compare it with.

This would elevate the offense without changing a lot of rules. We could still change some but they would largely be cosmetic changes.

A smaller ball would be easier to catch and "inferior" QBs could throw it farther.

It would be like an instant fix and create a lot more offense and excitement without any funny gimmicks.




Might be fun…doubt it goes any further than the ball we’re currently using

I believe Wilson provides game balls for both CFL and NFL.

They (CFL ball)are more slender than the Spalding they used to have.

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Still seems wider than it needs to be

It may seem that way but both footballs are similar in circumference.

Could they be more slender? Perhaps but where do draw the line?

I still have an old J5V. Thought that was a cool name for a ball. It's a bit of a Mellon.


May I see a picture of it?

I'll have to find it in my garage.


No worries

If you can’t find it, a general picture of your garage will do


The stripes make the ball look fatter. Holding an NFL and CFL ball together side by side will make clear that despite slightly different specifications (in writing) the produced footballs are geometrically the same.

Would this work?

Where did you find this?

That better be the actual game ball🤣

Perfect for Tom Brady.

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Just googled it. I was looking for something else. I have actually seen someone with one of these at a Bomber game. Kind of an ugly wine skin.

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Haha. That made me laugh out loud. I'll go look for it now.

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These nerf mini-foam footballs are very easy to throw tight spirals with. Maybe the CFL should go to these sorts of balls, with a few tweaks of course, or for the NFL for those qbs there like Lamar who has difficulty throwing a tight spiral as well. :laughing:

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This football mod turns 'the bomb' into a real bomb:


Not sure if that football would be completely 'fair' or make total 'sense' though. :slight_smile:


Remember those little plastic hand sized footballs?
Or when the nerf balls got worn down and got waterlogged?
They weighed six pounds and you’d get soaked after catching
A pass.