The AC to Ben show ----- PLEASE

The only piece missing which you can bet on happening is AC returning to the Al's. ....Why
All of you can get mad if you want but what have they produced when the fans want to see the reward for sitting on those uncomfortable seats at McGill... answer we have another year of seeing the predicable AC going to Ben over and over....I do not like us heading down this path. There's going to be surplus of players and playmakers available with AFL shutting down for a season.....We need playmakers on this offense (Tresman hasn't figured out the CFL yet) not the predictability of the AC show as it has become. The defenses know this and do a good job of jamming Ben...Let's not end up like the REDSKINS when the organization stuck with their veterans way too long, they're still trying to recover from that mistake....
E.g ...Look at what Wally is going in BC 8)

What a strange post. Yes, we do need playmakers…and Ben Cahoon is one of the best.

This past season, he was #1 in total receptions, and #5 in total yardage.

You have a problem with that?

In a nutshell!
Do you want AC back or not? I cant figure it out!

12 junk posts... I don't know why you even give that poster the time of day.