I would like to start a thread on the abusive behaviour of some of our fans and the unnecessary heckling that gets leveled on the players from behind the bench and in the stands directly above their locker room door.
It seems that some people feel that the price of a ticket allows them to dump all over the plyers of their choice when the game is not going the way that they want.Having played sports my whole life, I can say that not one of those players wants to lose.So,nobody could feel worse than the player themself that commits an error to cost his team.
Most of the time the hecklers are drunk beyond the point of common sense or censorship.I or others like myself take our children to watch a game.Is this how we want our children to see a game of football at Ivor Wynne Stadium?
We,as fans,have a responsibility to act as ambassaders to the city of Hamilton.We expect management to bring in players to make this club competitive,but are we giving the current players a good feeling about the city and it's fans with this type of behaviour.
I started this thread to get some positive input.Maybe some solutions can be found because this situation is not healthy for anyone.I would love to have input from players, coachs ,management and fans so that we can get some perspective and more importantly dialogue from bothsides.

Jeff Jen(loyal Ticat fan)

P.S. Jason Maas-Hang in there buddy I still believe! It's only football pal!Remember that. :rockin:

Consideration: thoughtfulness for others

Thought: the action or process of thinking

Consideration is what a tiny number of people don't have for the players, coaches, and fellow spectators. They feel it is their "right" to verbally abuse whoever they feel upset with at the time.

Thinking is what this tiny number of people don't do enough of. If they stopped to think what their behaviour was making them look like they hopefully would chose otherwise. Maturity is something they haven't yet attained.

The vast majority of people in the stadium do not appreciate this behaviour and it is obviously up to TiCat management and IWS staff to correct the problem. The ticket holder has the "right" to watch the game without excessive verbal garbage from a few unthoughtful idiots.

then the vast majority of the people should act quickly to shut this tiny number of people up.

Why tsk tsk, but do nothing, as most do.

shut them up
beat them up
kick them out.

Great thread. I couldn't agree more, but sadly don't think there really is any solution to this problem. There are always going to be people like that and it's very unlikely that the team will stop people from coming because they're being obnoxious to the players (even though I'd like them to :smiley: )

Let the players have access to the heckler. I'd like to see what they would have to say if they were sitting next to Kabongo, or Roundtree without that rail and 5 feet of cement between them.

Go buy seats in the family zone if thats the environment you want. This has been a tough year for everyone. but i have to say that the purchse of a ticket does give fans the right to heckel players. Its part of the game and if the players can't take it.....well i guess they should seek advice from Danny Mac.

So what you're suggesting is that hecklers should have preferred seating, near the players, over the "fans" who just want to watch football without a loudmouth shcmuck shouting drivel through the entire game standing up..
The children of Hamilton should not seek autographs or be near the players because they ought to be in the family section??

Heckling is one thing, but some of these comments have nothing to do with football, and players are real people, that do not deserve to be called a "stupid idiot", over and over and over for 3 hours.

As a former hockey player and current hockey official I encounter this sort of activity on almost a daily basis. My attitude towards it is fan pay thier money, so they are entitled to thier opinions for 60 minutes.

Rather than have people forced to the Family Zone, why don't the people who feel they have the "right" to irritate others just stay home.

There's a concept known as civilized behaviour. If certain people can't figure it out, then they shouldn't be allowed out in public.

Or maybe IWS redesignates the Family Zone as the Loud and Obnoxious Bore Zone.

I pay for my groceries at the grocery store too,does that give me the right to walk up to the clerks and abuse them for 2 hours if they don't have some of the things that I am looking for?It's been a tough year for everyone and your not the only one feeling it.The fans pay their money to watch a game.
The football field is a players's workplace and there are laws in Canada,believe it or not,about workers being constantly berated in the workplace.The bottom line is,that if I,as a customer,walked into any place of business and started berating the employees,no matter how entitled I felt,within ten minutes the Police would be called and I would be turfed.

Wrong. This is not the same thing and before you say it is, one question ; are you allowed to beat your co-workers to a pulp?
My guess is no , yet you can at a game without charges being laid.

A football stadium is a unique enviroment which allows a players and public to do things that they normally unable to do anywhere else ,like beating someone or yelling from the crowd.
I have no problem letting a player know " that was the worse pass ever thrown. "etc...
Or ' Do guys ever practice?"

If they don't like it then maybe they should work where you work.
Sounds nice there. :slight_smile:

I agree with Walter and Ockham.

I think that the idea that buying a ticket to a football game is a license to be a foul-mouthed boor in public regardless of the unpleasant effects on others is ludicrous.

Of course a football crowd is noisy, partisan and intense. But some people appear to consider that going to a football game inherently requires drunkenness (you know, those folks who occasionally brag here about how they managed to sneak in a 24-case of beer so they can get loaded and make fools of themselves during the game), lots of swearing (to impress the kids in the crowd perhaps?, or their so-called friends?, or—more likely—just themselves), hurling the worst personal insults at the players that their feeble imaginations can come up with, and generally drawing attention to themselves for their loud and obnoxious behaviour (after all, why should they be polite or moderate their behaviour in any way when they can force everyone around them to enjoy their juvenile antics?).

These folks (far too numerous) seem to have a puerile compulsion to display their alcohol- and testosterone- induced dramatics for the benefit of all, in a way they would never have the temerity to do if their mothers were there to properly discipline them by washing their mouths out with soap and sending them to bed with no supper.

Wouldn’t it be entertaining—and revealing—to hold a half-time event where the brave boors can come out onto the field to show us what real men they are, and take on their favourite hated players in one-on-one bouts? You know, mano a mano, no holds barred, fights to the finish. There would be no takers, of course. And if there were, I’d put my money on wimpish Brock Ralph or wounded Jason Maas against any of them, any day of the week.

Of course, preening for their peers and showing off false courage (the kind that comes from being safely ensconced in a crowd, behind a barrier, surrounded by friends, assisted by intoxicants, safe in the knowledge that the objects of their noise—in this case the players—are constrained from thrashing them), are things that pubescent males have done since time immemorial as they try to find their place in society. It’s a bit pathetic though to see it in 40-year olds—such a shame that some people never do grow up. I guess you can take the man out of the boy, but you can’t ……..etc.

Well said Walter 49 after all it'just a football game. Not life or death.

No one is suggesting all heckling be banned. What people object to is the usually drunk, usually profanity laden, constant and demeaning form of verbal abuse. If the heckling is making other people uncomfortable then it is not acceptable.

Me, me, me, me. It's all about me with some people.

Steve just made the post of the year.

Unfortunately, it is probably over the heads of the offending parties.

I agree. :thup:

You are absolutely right, Ockman. :thup:

Also, the more abusive these jerk’s comments are,
the worse the players affected by them play.

This gives them more reasons to continue to jeer
and, sadly for us, the players play more poorly, costing us wins.

I think the majority of fans would agree with this...and I also think the majority of fans would agree with giving these low class rude attention seekers the bum rush.
As in every case authorities know you take out the ring leader and everybody else quiets down.
I'm sure the ushers have the capability to tell the difference between acceptable fan behaviour and the obnoxious ones.
Management might be surprised that by eliminating some of these boors attendance might increase. It's called addition by subtraction.

I agree with stevehvh's post. I have kids and unfortunately have to consider the Family Zone because of the obnoxious hecklers.

Yes, I know, Ivor Wynne can be a rowdy place. But there are limits. And shouting specific, targetted, personal heckles at players is low class and I think, not considered acceptable by most fans.

Thank you for starting this thread . I sit in section 22 row 1 and have had to listen to the the abusive behavior and words hurled at the players , coaches and anyone else standing down by the locker room entrance . Even the players who are injured or just not playing in that game do not escape it .

I have been a season ticket holder for many years and have sat through lots of frustrating times and watched a lot of really bad football games but would not think of acting in such a manor . No matter what there is no justification for bad manners and abusing the rights of others .

I agree those who want to drink themselves to stupidity , be obnoxious and abuse the rights of others who just want to go to the game and try to enjoythemselves no matter whats happening on the field deserve their own section . Why should we be the ones who should move as we pay for our tickets to and deserve NOT to have to listen to this .