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Hello Lions fans,

I didn't think summer was ever going to get here but the first week of the 2009 CFL season is already in the books and it looks like we are in for another great year.

For those of you who followed the ABNFF series last year, you probably noticed that it kind of dropped off after Labor Day. A new baby (our second), the loss of a dear friend (my old dog), breaking in a new pup, all lead to some pretty crazy times. Then to top it off, my kitty must have missed my pooch and followed her to the great animal wonderland above shortly afterwards.

Man losing a loved one sucks. The CFL surely lost many greats last year. Let's hope our league is unaventable in those regards this season.

Although the site was quiet after Labor Day, I did manage to make it to every single game last year except for the day of my oldests 2nd birthday party when the Lions were in town. As well, I finished off the season in honor of what started this entire concept - at Ralph Wilson Stadium to not only show my support for the Bills, but keeping the NFL out of Toronto. It was my first NFL game, and I had tons of fun. My Pats even won to top it all off. The CFL is still a better game though. And I am not just being bias.

So, my daughter is almost a year now (my oldest will also be 3 - where has the time gone???), the dog is not quite as crazy, and life is about as back to normal as it's going to get for the next 20 or so years, so ABNFF is back for season two.

The site is really unchanged from last time you may have seen it. The only difference is the addition of a blog which is also a work in progress, but it's coming.

This is my first post of the year. Many of the sites who added ABNFF to their link lists last year, put me under 'blogs', so most of my posts this season will be more of the blog nature, and less of the 'article' nature. I was gonig for a look last year but it took me so long to format the stories to look like pages of a newspaper.

Let me know what you think. Comments, suggestions, want to get involved? I'd still love to add your pictures to the photo gallery from around the league, and I would love to make this a mutli-blogger site.

Last year I posted on this forum (all CFL forums), after each story I published. This will be my only 'plug' this year unless a story I write relates directly to the Lions. I don't want to seem like a spammer so if you are interested in checking out the blog, I'd love to have you over at

I'll leave it at that. My Opening Day post will be coming soon.

Here is the link to the blog and the first story of the year:

Good luck this week against our Cats. We'll need it. :slight_smile: