The 9 Lives of Kavis Reed.

He played for Lancaster in Edmonton in the mid 90’s.

Pretty good basis for my remark.

kavis reed is the teflon don, no matter who gets canned he seems to survive, this guy has some kind of good karma going on- called Ronald Lancaster.

He's the Cody Ledbetter of D.C.'s

He's going to re-roofing houses with Cody in about three months.

I've never understood this stance so I talked to some guys that have played University and pro ball and they say it's just as tiring to play offense as defense so this whole philosophy of a defense getting tired but an offense getting stronger is bunk.

Reed must have pictures of Mayor Quimby. That is the only way he could survive. Seriously though, this whole staff will be gone by season's end. Reed will end up in Toronto with his mentor who clearly didn't teach him(Reed) everything he knows about defence.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

very true, kavis will end up in toronto for sure, that team will hire anybody on their staff, they even hired some former sprinter.

Its easy to knock out the opposition QB with late hits.

The D has looked reasonable some games, and abysmal in other games. Tackling has been poor, they take unnecessary penalties especially the late hit variety, DB's play off the line of scrimmage too far so its easy for the opposition to move down the field with 10 and 11 yards passes, we give up the long ball in key situations way to often.

We need steel curtain defense. Hard hitting, sure tackles, good clean hits. A good D would put the offense in position to score through turnovers and tough play.