The 9 Lives of Kavis Reed.

He survived the coaching purge at the end of 05 (Baressi, LaPolice etc.)

He even evaded the bigger purge of Marshall and now Paopao and K.

Rested or tired. Healthy or banged up the defenses he has been coaching have been consistently at or near the bottom of nearly every meaningfull statisical category and quite simply easy to score against since 2004.

Every coach around him since then has been fired. Yet he still has a job.

How does he do it?

Maybe he knows how to shmooze.

He is one of Ronnie's "guys".

Need I say more?

I have to admit I was asking for his head after last season, but this year the defense looks in a lot better shape then they were last year, they are hitting harder, resonable coverage on recievers, its not their fault they are on the field 70% of the game and are soo tired they can barely lift their arms after the game...Reed has shown much improvement over last season and I think thats why he has survived these latest firings..

On what do you base that assertion on?

If anything he’s the last link to Marshall’s rah-rah-ciss-boom-bah era.

I don't understand it either, I know it's not all his fault since he doesn't have the best players to work with, so if management made that excuse I would be fine with it, but they don't blame the players either. For the last three years they seem to line up with the exact same guys. What was the big move this off season? Juan Armour and Bobby Brooks who can't run laterally because of previous injuries in the NFL.

I guess that, in comparison to the offense, the defence has looked spectacular.

Also, it might be a bit much to ask even the great Ron Lancaster to become interim HC, interim OC, interim DC and VP of Football Whatever. The mans gotta have time to sleep.

Plus Reed and Erman Do Coach hard..

Here What I Think :

The Defence Play Well Enought to win..
The Offence did not give them a Rest.
The Punter is Better..
Still need work on Returns..

But it's Step Right Direction..

wasnt Pao Pao one of ronnies guys. the way everybody seems to think that ron has a lot to do with all the previous hirings. so why would ron fire one of his guys

I think Ron has mastered the time honored ability to sleep with his eyes wide open. I mean how else could he have stood on the sidelines these past few weeks and not ripped the tonsils out of Maas's throat?

An Argo fan

Plus Reed and Erman Do Coach hard..
I really hope you are joking.

Erdman has been nothing short of terrible. You are given Corey Holmes and we have no return game what so ever. I have a lowlight reel of Erdman gaffes that I had to stop adding to.

Erdman should have been gone 3 games into the season.

Coach hard? How do you coach hard? Try preparing the players making the right decisions based on the situation on the field. Then adjust. Watch film and adjust and exploit your opposition. He has done none of this.

If you want, I will give him kudos for trying his best. But his best can't cut it in the CFL.

Reality Check time. This is what the defence has actually done this year. I couldn’t find time of possession stats for each game, but in a lot of cases, it was badly skewed toward the opposition. The table shows the TDs and FGs given up, followed by what the offence did in that game. Stats from

  1. Argo - Gave up 2 TD, 4 FG. Offence coughed up the ball 3 times, gained 346 yds, no TDs
    Note: D knock TO QB out of game.
  2. Mont - Gave up 4 TD, 3 FG. Offence coughed up the ball 5 times, gained 297 yds, 1 TD.
  3. Calg - Gave up 2 TD, 3 FG. Offence coughed up the ball twice, gained 277 yds, no TDs
  4. Mont - Gave up 2 TD, 2 FG. Offence coughed up ball 3 times, gains 292 yds, 1 TD.
  5. Calg - Gave up 1 TD, 3 FG. Offence coughs up ball twice, gains 303 yds, 2 TDs
    Note: both offensive TDs rushing, Cats win.
  6. Mont - Gave up 4 TD, 2 FG. Offence coughs up ball twice, gains 412 yds, 2 TDs.
  7. Winn - TD/FG not available, Gave up total 29 pts. Offence coughs up the ball five times, gains 108 yds, no TDs.
    Note: D knocks Win QB out of game.
  8. Winn - Gave up 1 TD, 1 FG. Offence coughs up ball once, gained 332 yds, 3 TDs
    Note Cats win.
  9. Argo - Gave up 2 TD, 2 FG. Offence coughed up the ball twice, gained 221 yds, no TD
  10. Sask - Gave up 4 TD, 2 FG. Offence coughed up the ball 5 times, gained 234 yds, 1 TD.
    Notes: Secondary loses Cody, Young, Shaw plays injured. D knocks Sask QB out of game.
  11. Sask - gave up 5 TD, 3 FG. Offence coughed up the ball 8 times, gained 122 yds, no TD.
    Note: Keith held to 71 yards.

The defence isn’t stellar, but they’ve hung in even when the offence was self-destructing.

They’ve given up
1 TD - 2 games
2 TD - 4 games
3 TD - 0 games
4 TD - 3 games
5 TD - 1 game
one game unknown.

Two of the defensive ‘blowouts’ have happened in the last two games, as the secondary has started to lose more and more players to injury.

If the offence had played well, or even adequately, the Cats should have won 6 or more games so far based on the defensive performances. Kavis Reed may not be the best DC in the league, but he’s not doing too badly, especially given the number of hopeless situations and short fields the D has faced. > click on view recap then at the bottom of the page, > click on Game Stats (again at the bottom of the page), then once more to the bottom of that page under PDF stats.
Click on team and you should be able to find the possesion times.

People are exaggerating the time of possession differential this season. It has only been a few minutes difference per game, not 10 or more.

He has 7 games left here.

Oski Wee Wee,

Overall it is about a minute and a half. In the last game it was 5 1/2 minutes. I hate to think what it was in the first half, before Eakin actually got some first downs, and Sask started to play its backups on defence.

AhHa! Many thanks :thup:

I'm a firm believer in the notion that this team's devistating season is directly related to the offensive shortcommings...

The loss of confidence, mental errors, injuries & defensive fatigue all came as a result...

have you looked around the CFL this Season..
Kickoff and Punt Returns Yardage is down..
This is due to new Blocking rules..

How can the Coach do anything about that..
Come to Practice and Watch Him..
You Change your Mind

Ooops. I was only joking - damning with faint praise, as they say.

However, my comment might have some validity. The defense is merely eighth in a league of eight. The offense, in recent weeks, might well be the worst in the history of organized football. I keep waiting for the part where the fat kid and the short kid and the shy kid and the tomboy and the stoner pull it all together and win one for the petulant old coach who has just given up on them.

sorry, the fat kid just got traded to the als, the short kid is returning kicks for the argos, the shy kid is suspended, the tomboy is cheerleading for the eskimos, and the stoners are all busy on the argo IR.