The 5th Quarter

A shout out to Ted Michaels who I understand is retiring from host the 5th quarter on CHML after 10 years. I didn't see anything about this anywhere else on the board. It was shame his last call on Sunday night was a jerk talking about the NFL. I thought he did a great job and I was always entertained on the ride home after the games - especially after a loss. Ti-Cats fans can be an ornery bunch and he did a good job of challenging the conspiracy theorists amongst us and also just letting people vent.

This news is the bright spot in an otherwise miserable week.

Yeah not a fan.

Actually that seems very fitting. Just like it was fitting that the 2014 CFL season ended on a game-altering penalty.

I don't know how people can stand to listen to that show, which is generally dominated by callers who seem very angry and/or unstable.

I did not mind Ted. Thought he was way too polite with 80% of the callers who sailedin just tto hear their own voices on radio. Most callers are just ignorant football fans and I even question why the show would put up with them. Just hang up on them and they won't call back again. This would then leave intelligent calls to come in. I have no problem with legit comments and questions, but OMG, some people are pathetic and only call to state the obvious. "what a great run by Banks.... Our oline sucks..... Why don't we run more... Collards stinks...." On and on and on.

He had a tough job to do. Wonder who'll take over.

There's a few people in here who would be great at the job. They seem to kno
w everything, just ask them.

I nominate robofan! :wink:

I hear Bob Bratinna is looking for a job!

or better yet...........Darcy :wink:...... :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe the two of them can co-host the show. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the 5th Quarter Show starring Robo and Darcy as hosts...OSKIE-WOE-WOE-OSKI-BLAH-BLAH :roll:

Average 5th qtr caller :

  1. Cats win but rambles on about with coach, QB, play selection, concessions.

  2. Asks "why player x wasnt used more tonight? "despite being out of lineup for multiple games and often not on the team anymore

  3. Whines about player x being cut, traded, benched , again, even after a win.

  4. Reminisces how everything was better in the past."I've been a season ticket holder for 238 years and blah, blah ..."

  5. Inside jokes and name dropping with host which no one else in the listening audience could possible understand.

Doesn't matter who host is , been several but nothing has changed.

Gulp..... sounds like these boards most days.

Minor alterations.

Me either ... always found Ted to be a bit on the arrogant side.

I have probably attended 100 practices (including training camp) over the last 10 years. Never saw the likes of Ted at practice ... how can one form so many opinions without becoming "intimate" with the team?

Will not be missed.

Have a feeling that Matt Holmes may be the heir apparent.