The 5th Quarter?


Is the 5th quarter still broadcasting ?, I wanted to listen to post game reactions. Any help would be appreciated.

Just ended…I listened to the whole thing…

You can always listen to it online (Audio Vault after the fact) which is what I have to do since I doubt I would pick up the signal here.

I was just outside the Skydome in a school bus waiting to leave and heard almost all of the show. They never did get the coach on.

Fu….n zoo I can imagine.

We not only made more noise during the game, but the Toronto team's fans were A LOT quieter than us on the way out. All you could hear were the throngs of Tiger cat fans cheering and whooping it up in the corridors and outside. It felt very much like a home game.

I stopped by 2 souvenir stands in the Rogers Center asking if their Grey Cup hats were on sale...they didn't like my humor.

But I do.....

:thup: :thup: :lol: :lol: