The 5th Quarter was Very Positive !!

The 5th Quarter was very positive for a refeshing change. Sure there was constructive critism, but none of this slamming the team and negative talk that we are used to !! I guess they went to bed !!!

Listen again, click below

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I had a listen now as I could not stay up (getting old).

It was positive, and it was refreshing to hear.

I heard and saw a lot of good things tonight. I didn't think they'd win, but they came awfully close and against the defending Grey cup champions. It was not like Montreal's victory over a team that has no offense or quarterback to speak of. I still maintain that Reinbold will be their greatest problem to solve this year.

Thank you for the link, tc23.

The score at the end flatered the Cats IMO :thdn:

BC didnt play great either.ST and Andrew Harris won them the game.Lulay aka God aka Mr.Perfect didn't have a very good game at all.

Chevy walker still can’t block. If he doesn’t have the ball in his hands, he’s useless. Cats won’t win a game with him as RB.
The cats have traded pass protection and passing game for 1 flashy play per game. Sad.

The guy is a very raw rookie who admitted in an interview that he is still learning and picking up pointers from Cobourne on how to block. He will improve in all phases of his game as the season progresses. Chevon has some flat out talent and instinct with his speed and juke ability. None of that can be taught however pass blocking is something that can be worked on and rectified over time.

He shouldn't be starting.
Someone who is terrible in pass protection should be learning at practice, not during a game, other than mop-up time.
You wouldn't use a kicker during a game for both duties who can punt but can't convert FG's, would you?

That's somewhat unreasonable. You can't expect a promising rookie to perform like a seasoned veteran after just 2 games. There is growing pains with all rookies. Chris Williams last season made plenty of rookie mistakes but still had a stellar year and contributed to the team in a big way. Also game experience is considerably more valuable than practice. I would rather see Walker iron out his deficiencies right now early in the season. He will be that much better come November.

I agree. There are going to be hiccups with any rookie player (and rookie coach, for that matter) and I would much rather those problems be present in June and July as opposed to October and November. The best training is on-the-job training and Walker is getting that right now.

That said, if the team is going to continue playing with the starters they played with on Friday, then perhaps they should consider making Onrea Jones (who I didn't see on the field once against BC) one of the four scratches and bring in Avon Cobourne. Walker could, and should, still start, but they could have Cobourne there just in case. Walker is going to have a game where he doesn't do much, every player does, and it would be nice to have Avon available as insurance.

Agree 100%. The exceptional awareness and vision Chevon demonstrated on the long TD in BC is not something guys learn from coaches, but rudiments of blocking and pass protection are. People talk about Walker's speed, but the instinctive elusiveness he showed in finding his path through the middle of the secondary was a thing of beauty. Big credit to Stala for a huge downfield block, and credit to Giguere for looking looking for someone to block downfield as well.