The 5 Stages of becoming a Suicide Bomber fan

  1. Denial (things aren't as bad as they seem; playoffs still in reach) 8)
  2. Anger (scorn towards QBs, other players, coaches and the BoD) :twisted:
  3. Bargaining (tolerating losses as long as the team makes changes to improve) :expressionless:
  4. Depression (1-7, 3 losses to Hamilton, next 2 games against Sask.) :frowning:
  5. Acceptance (23 years of futility and counting; pour yourself a drink and look forward to another losing season) :oops:

Hey if you can lose for 23 years and get a stadium like that, why not cheer for them?

lol.. thats the same as saying,

Guy: "Hey look at my brand new Lamborghini, I paid $200,000 for"....

Friend: "Let go a ride"

Guy: "We can't, I can't afford gas now"

Not even Saskatchewan fans hung as tough as we have during the lean years !

As a TiCats fan, I have personally experienced each of those emotions numerous times over the last 10 years

Do you think the turn outs would be as good if they didn't have a new stadium? I'm sure they sold a ton of season tickets just based on that.

Wait until after the Banjo Bowl, attendance historically drops by about 10% later in the year, if it's more than that, then next year is going to be trouble, I've already heard estimates projecting $2.5 million in lost revenue from non-renewal of season tickets, new stadium or not, the polish is already off that apple.

I agree. It is sad but the bombers really need to do a complete house cleaning. IMHO their biggest mistake was letting LaPolice go. Great mind put in a bad situation.

Yup. Takes them to the GC then gets sh** canned. That drives me nuts when teams do that.

Time for their board to admit they effed up and bring Paul back and in a Coach/GM position, allow him to put those building blocks in place and develop them.

Similar to Tim Burke (DC), Paul LaPolice (OC) was considered a genius until he was promoted to Head Coach. Both lived the "Peter Principle," rising to their level of incompetence. Neither one was/is an effective, inspirational leader nor were they good decision makers in crucial moments of the game.

Could PLP become an effective GM? I don't think so. My idea of a good GM is someone with an eye for talent who also has the connections to get it when he needs it. Duane Forde's name has been tossed around due to his Canadian connections and the Bombers' lack of good Canadian talent, but I don't see him or anyone else who is gainfully employed sticking their head in that GM noose until the Board of Directors' old boys network gets an enema.

Nobody wants to work in a poisonous work environment where your BoD and their executives meddle in your business and override your decisions so you can't do your job. It's been that way for at least the last 10 years, maybe longer.


Duane Forde's name has been tossed around
Might as well start seeing if junior west is an option for the Bombers to join.

I liked Duane Forde as a player and I like him on TSN. I think he's plenty smart enough to be a CFL GM, but he should work as a scout/head scout for a couple years before becoming the head guy.

IMO Wally Buono (who I think is one of the great CFL minds) would have his hands full turning around the Bombers... a rookie GM has no chance.

The 5 Stages of becoming a Suicide Bomber fan"

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance
  1. Denial: The Bombers are in rebuilding mode and things will get better soon!

  2. Anger: How the season ticket holder feels after every home game!

  3. Bargaining: I promise not to boil the dog, beat the kids or drink anymore!

  4. Depression: What the Bomber fan feels as he looks at his remaining seasons tickets!

  5. Acceptance: The CFL is OUR league! I'm a CFL fan first! :rockin:


They should have kept Lapo and got a real GM back then...then again they still had what's his nut micromanaging from above and driving them into the ground.

what are the odds of this thread coming to the attention of homeland security :wink:

While this is a sad situation, how about Bombers fans route for the team to loose? By becoming the team with the most consecutive losses, at least they would be setting a record? (Trying to lighten things up here...).

If they loose the rest of their games this season, they will be tied with the Hamilton Wildcats who lost 16 in a row between Oct 17, 1948 and Nov 5, 1949.

If they can loose 25 in a row, they will be tied with the Ottawa Senators/Rough Riders (Nov 10, 1928 to Oct 7, 1933).

Records are meant to be broken... :lol:

Not to mention taking a run at the CATS woeful 2003 benchmark of 1-17 :oops: :frowning:

Two good quarters of football there, but no halftime adjustments--again :cry:
The highlight of the game was Alex Suber's helmet-to-helmet hit on DD.
Allahu Akbar!