The 34 Defence.....

Will see Simpson & Lobendahn on the field together for the first time all season. Simpson is starting, Lobendahn will back him up and come in the 34 defence. I'm pumped.

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... i don't believe we have seen the 3-4 all year as i can recall pigseye...two very competent individuals on at the same time.....your not the only one pumped....heh heh.... :thup:

There's a ringing endorsement for your players :wink:

....ringing indeed.......and no they're not 'ringers'.....but the ringing the Cats backs will hear will be all in their ears....after they get smacked by those two individuals.. :lol:

Papa you may recall I was posting back in preseason about the possibility of Winnipeg going to a 3/4 defence, since Simpson and Lobendahn are both good MLBs (and less than stellar as OLBs).

However, I do think you’re correct in that a 3/4 hasn’t be used all season.

Is this crucial game, a sudden death match, the kind of game you want to experiment with a formation you haven’t used all year?

I doubt it. . . Bombers’ defence has been pretty darn good all season, and as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Not so you guys, the Bombers have been using the 34 all season on second and long. Usually McKinnely comes in. This is the first time I can recall the Simpson/Lobendahn combo in the middle.

Thanks for the correction !

.....hmmmmm you are correct was used so infrequently that i don't remember it clearly....Anyway ...I know Barrin and Joe Lo haven't been inserted together....AND if that happened ...i don't recall that either...I think my memory might be slipping....Time to up the Gibsons finest during the games...and no i'm not telling you how i imbibe during the tilts..... :lol:

thats good news.... does anyone know what simpsons contractual status is... if im not mistakin, he was re-signed in the off season, so he will be under contract next year correct? i personally would like to see him back next year... he's still a bit better then jo lo, and it wouldnt hurt to have the depth, and have one of the best to tutor our future star MLB