The 2022 Roster

Not many surprises IMO after cut down. The only guy I thought was worth a longer look on the PR was DT Connor Flagel. I liked his aggressive play in the pre season games. But he had a lot of DL's ahead of him. I expect several of the other eight teams might be somewhat disappointed that some of the Argo players they thought would be cut aren't available. Something like 76 players still in Camp. Not a good time for anyone on the 45 man to get complacent.

What kills me is they have 76 at camp and I thought they had to get down to 46 players. There is no way Argos have 17 players injured

Interesting to think of Ryan Dinwiddies Canadian QB comments regarding Michael O'Conner when he just got his butt handed to him from another Canadian QB.

For the record, not only do I believe O'Conner would be a better #2 than Chad Kelly but would also help to sell tickets. Not sure what Pinball is thinking.

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This is coming from Dinwiddie, who thinks MBT is a starting QB.