The 2021 CFL On TSN TV Slate and Production

I think this dead horse was beaten recently in another thread, but is there some rule that all games in Vancouver must be scheduled on Friday nights?

I understand now why a daytime game on Saturday might not work, but c'mon already. You can't have the home game earlier on a Saturday night, like 9 local time or earlier, instead?

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^^^^^^^I have written the league three times, to three different Commishoners, expressing this very concern. I have never heard a whisper back. The league, teams, and TSN, must all be okay with it.

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TSN production of CFL games are not bad. I remember receiving CBC signal in the U.S and would watch CFL on CBC.

The music was awesome. Graphics were awesome. I looked into it just moments ago and the producer left the CBC to work in hollywood. So its not so much the network or announcers but sometimes it takes 1 special talent with a vision to change the look of a production. That is lacking everywhere.

Now with announcers. I really do not have any issues. I do miss the former CFL play by play that did hockey games. You know who I am talking about i just cant remember his name. I enjoy the current #1 guy Rod Black. He is passionate. I do mind the panel but I think they lack content and yes, possible production content instead of just sitting around a table talking.


FWIW, next Saturday's Leos-Stamps match-up from B.C. Place is a 4:00pm PST start. It's being billed as "family day." It's an opportunity for folks to make it over from Vancouver Island and be back same day.

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Not sure if this has been posted before, but I would love to see an ex-official being used on the TSN telecasts like the NFL does with say, Mike Pereira. Just having an expert's interpretation of penalties would be valuable (instead of relying on Suits to interpret rules like the heel landing in tonight's Rider-Stamps game).

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That's interesting, other than an early start and possibly some swag for the children at the game.
Is there anything else they do to encourage a large turnout?

They're pulling out all the stops to reach 12,500 which is all they're allowed. They have achieved this low-bar number for all home games this season. Not sure why we're not allowed more fans as everyone entering has to show their vaccine passport (2 vaccinations) and everyone must wear a mask.

I believe it will be next season before we see Mr. Doman's thumbprint. Likely bigger promotions and a revised pricing strategy.

I hate this CFL year, still better than the last one.
Can't wait until we get back to normal.......well as normal as we can.


Hard pass. Don't want ex-officials not wanting to say which is a legal play just to not make their former colleagues look bad. Like the US official booth guys constantly saying "I can't say for sure if it is a TD or not" then the field crew makes the ruling which we see is a touchdown

no thank you. Perreira gets everything wrong. Brings nothing to the broadcast

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Sorry but CFL official and expert in the same sentence is an oxymoron. I'm not sure another total incompetent on the broadcast would help anything.

Can you imagine Al Bradbury commenting during TSN broadcasts?

Nobody would be able to understand what he was trying to say because his mouth would be packed full of donuts.

I feel like the TSN studio crew have tightened up their game and are better in the last two weeks.

I hope we NEVER go back to anything like that abomination of screens earlier in the season either.

If we ever go back to anything like that, no doubt am I cutting the cord to the regular cable TV side because I am not paying to watch screens of screens and hate it for free at that along with those Zoom addicts who need to hear it more too.

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Rod Smith is fabulous. Instantly my fave.


Farhan Lalji said he is doing play-by-play for the Stamps at Lions game on Saturday.


On the ESPN+ side (at least), there was no studio coverage on Friday's game. The early game on Saturday had visuals from the studio but no audio. The audio finally got fixed before the late game on Saturday.

These issues happen quite often. Is this just an ESPN+ issue or does the TSN audience have these issues?

No problem here with TSN streaming with that issue I have seen but maybe someone else has .