The 2021 CFL On TSN TV Slate and Production

:rofl: Well I'm hoping it's not like that, and better a bit loud than soft-spoken mumbling or squeaky, but you win for the angriest take so far on this one.

So long as she does not reprise the goofy set of 2019 and sticks to professional and pushing the panel, we should be okay.

I really enjoy watching and listening to Kate and I think she will do well in this new position for her, a great combination of an outgoing personality with knowledge and love of sports I would say. I wouldn't say loud but more very up front and vocal but in a good way.


The developing story now is the delayed return, as if being groomed unnecessarily, of Rod Black perhaps in August.

What I took for granted with the start of the season I await eagerly.

Like another commenter stated in a similar thread, is this a demotion for Rod Black? Are they trying to rough him up a bit more in camp to make him meaner on his performance upon his return?

Well, two weeks are left and the wait sucks now.

How I wish they could just pull a boss move and start next Friday. As if the players would not be ready to go now?

Oh yeah, those coaches would push back no doubt and I'm only dreaming, but this timetable for the return has been too long anyway.

Precious good weather, but for the air from routine wildfires in some places as nobody could have anticipated, is being wasted for a start.

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Well less than a week and they better have their act together for 4 games in 3 days on TSN.

I wonder what it will be like when Rod Black returns? Part of me hopes it will be just like old times.

Or with a hopefully ordering resumption of broadcasts, will Rod Black's on-air return after a few games be awkward?

Rod: "It's GREAT to be back in the fold here tonight Canada, and those of you watching in the US."

Duane: "Welcome back ...(awkward pause) ...Rod ..."

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"Those few of you in the US that actually subscribe to ESPNNews"

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