The 2021 CFL On TSN TV Slate and Production

On a related front, beyond only TSN and the CFL but certainly to be impacted whatever comes next for the CFL after 2021, whatever media and especially video coverage is in place for this year for sports, excluding the NFL from the conversation for now, will make quite the transition going forward.

The consequences of the pandemic wrecked the existing video model in place to date and accelerated plans for streaming more than did any other factors such as demographics and technology improvements.

And so the effects of whatever mix in new media in place will show up in likely the programming format going forward beyond what we have known for years now with on-screen graphics (those of you under perhaps 35 might not know what I am talking about, but there was a time around 2000 or so when on-screen graphics like the ubiquitous crawl were new such that what you see now is the norm).

For sake of TSN's coverage, I hope these changes at hand in video production do not result in inferior talent pre-game and at the half.

In the US in some early signs, we've seen Fox go down some terrible such roads for sake of trying to be trendy in the name of trying to court youth.

Trendy by older folks does not work with youth. We know because we were young too and still remember that feeling when the older folks tried to act hip around us.

My post was tongue in cheek really! :smiley: I highly doubt Glen is fully responsible for all of it. The people behind the scenes should have cut it off sooner really. Overall Suitor is good for game analysis usually although too much a homer for the Riders sometimes! :wink: I guess we all have our biases. GO BOMBERS! :smiley:

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I don't mind Duane Ford. He is pretty knowledgeable of the CFL.

If I need to listen to one more "Will they try the hook and ladder play?" from Rod near the end of the game my shoe is going through the tv! :wink: :smiley: I think the hail mary has more chance than that play Rod! :smiley:


This would have been the opportunity for TSN to make wholesale changes to its broadcasts (fire all the aging on camera personnel), bring in new relevant talent, and substantially increase its digital programming to complement the over the air product.

Sadly we are going to be treated to more Rod Black voice breaking bicep gushing Mr so and so, and more Matt stumbling incoherently to form a coherent thought and a structure a simple sentence and Milt talking about himself and how beautiful he is. And Rod, while a competent panel host, and clearly a nice guy, has never been relevant at any time

I would turf them all except Davis Sanchez, then I would make Matthew S the game day host and I would bring in Lindsay Hamilton to be the sideline interviewer for a little sports savvy sex appeal.

And I would audition a hundred former players to see who can actually provide competent game day analysis. And hire the best 3-4.

There are tons of competent play by play guys in Canada. Dustin proved that the lady couple of years. Go and find a couple of those guys and promote them to the broadcast.


Hey come on , I love Rod Black's "Hello, Canada" , and sometimes his quircky comments.

His commentary on that missed field goal in Toronto against the Alouettes.

That's was something to watch.

"And they DOO"

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/Wipes away fake tear
Now now, don't get me misty today reminiscing about all these fond TSN memories when we still have over a month before restart. //sniff, sniff

I rate that one right up there with the Oh! Christmas tree anthem performed in Vegas.

Oh the memories :rofl:

Ok I will stop crying now

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LOL it's worse .

Keith Urban admits moments earlier : this is the first time I ever watched a game .

Suitor : when an important drive is going on he decides that never seeing a game and calling a drive is good TV ; like telling a kid to take the wheel of the school bus that has never drove before .

Would you like to do the play by play . ( all while an important drive is going on during a showcase championship game )

Then complete silence for moments again while the drive is still happening .

Worst TV moment for the CFL .

The best CFL moment ever .

Here it is wearing an Argos uniform with a big CFL logo and spreading the CFL worldwide .


That Rob Ford video is still making its rounds through the internet, an American friend shared it with me a few months ago and wanted to know if I'd seen it before. :laughing: Yep, all of Canada and half the world at this point.

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Poor Urban. He was so uncomfortable. I can only imagine what he was thinking....

"This dude knows I'm married..."


If the guy(name escapes me) from Red Bird via Boston Capital working with the CFL on negotiations. The CFL should ask Josh Rothman to help consult on TV coverage of the CFL.

Kevin Laforce: Senior Vice President, Media Strategy & Business Development at National Football League (14 years).

That's not him. It's somebody else. The guy wasn't a Red Bird hire, he was already working with the RB Capital.

Well, as everybody I hope enjoyed their Canada Day, we shall see if TSN starts its CFL promotion all the more in July. Come Monday of this holiday weekend in the US, we are only one month away but it feels like longer!

I wonder who their play-by-play due on opening night will be too?

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I hope it's Rod Black -

Duane Ford is too dry. However, he is very knowledgeable especially with the Usports and High School Players.
Perhaps the CFL should hire him to work with amateur development and promotions. Should actually partner with Tim Mcaliff from Rogers for this position as well as he manages to get some Usports talk in once in awhile.

Rods got to go.

Sanchez, good insight and comments, but horrible speaker.

I like Dunnigan in the booth as colour commentator.

I like suitor. He has toned down the homer bit, at least slightly, over the years. But his actions during Grey Cup with Keith Urban was one of the most embarrasing and pathetic things I have seen on live sports.

Cuthbert gone, leaves a huge hole. As someone mentioned, perhaps its time to put a new group in or at least start the changeover.

I think what causes the frustration with this group is that we see the same group game after game, year after year. At least with the NFL having mulitple production partners, Espn, Fox, NFL network..... you see a large variety of commentators. One gets annoying, you may not have to deal with them every week depending on what games or teams you follow.

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Watching the Euro and listening to the British announcers, that's what we need, let's hire them. I like the comments like "oh what a clever pass" "very intelligent play of the ball there" "that was a lovely move"...........................LOL
Usually just one person and they are calm and rarely get excited and they aren't explaining the game and treating the fans like kids. Don't need colour commentators.

But seriously, they need to tell Suitor to keep quiet he doesn't have to talk all the time. It's okay to have silent time, we don't need the incessant chatter all the time.

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I have been saying for years that TSN needs an entire refresh of their broadcast behind and in front of the camera. People watch in spite of them but any new fans can't help but be turned off by the low quality of the production.

I enjoy all those listed above, each brings something to the table. If I was to make a criticism, its that Rod Black sometimes seems to lack knowledge of the rules and doesn't always seem to know what is happening during a game- still a tremendous professional though. Not always a fan of Stegall, and really miss Chris Shultz's knowledge

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