The 2021 CFL On TSN TV Slate and Production

Not all these people are on CFL productions at TSN, but I'd be interested in some of the takes on this forum on any of these folks including our classic favourites such as Rod Black, Dunigan, Gord Miller, Cuthbert, Duane, etc:

I wonder if Lalji will do the play-by-play for more games. I thought he was good. How about Jay Onrait now with TSN?

Scianitti, Lalji and the Montreal legend that is John "Shoe" Lu do a great job on the sidelines. Who else will be on the sidelines besides Sara Orlesky?

I wonder if they change up the intro theme music and overhaul that studio production?

No to Jay Onrait. I can't stand him on TSN telecasts, neither could US audience when he and O'Toole worked for FOX

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I couldn’t agree more. I don’t get the Schlick. It’s moronic. I do like Farhan though. Friday nite football theme was weak.


Great point - I thought maybe he'd be better on a different production than was that awful FS1.

Now the remnants of FS1 remain and I am not quite sure their strategy any more other than to take on ESPN for college football, and they had made some ground there.

I know this much. I don't pay anything extra for FS1 or for ESPN channels and I sure never will do so.

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I am still panging for the return of Schultz.

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He passed away.

I’ll miss Schultzy


yup, but I still panging

Some weeks if you really wanted to if there is no 2 game a night type thing im sure a 2 person com could do a 4 games in 4 days type thing.

I wonder if Rod Smith will still be the emcee for the panel and who still will be on the panels for the games?

I hope they don't do an entirely separate Thursday night production with a totally different group - some continuity for ALL games in the studio would be great with a rotating bunch for the panel of maybe 6 or 7 analysts with 4 regulars for the biggest games.

I liked Dave Randorf back in the day too.


The rotation keeps the panel fresh from overwork. Maybe work schedule was negotiated in their contracts with Bell Media/TSN.

I liked Randorf as panel host too.

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With Cuthbert gone the real question is will there be a true #1 play by play guy, we all know it's not Rod Black.

Or do they rotate the others in as needed. I liked the guy that did a few western games in 2019 (his name escapes me).

And who does the Grey Cup?

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Glen Suitors man crush with Keith Urban during the Grey Cup should exclude him! :wink: That should have never happened except maybe during a commercial break or between the 3rd to 4th quarter or post game at some stage. Completely interrupted the game broadcast.


I needed a good laugh. Thanx.

This is such a great post that I want to ask how you think he should also be punished and how severely?

One thing that is still not addressed is that both the Lions and Ticats have no house radio station to broadcast their games and host pre and post game shows.

This is most baffling and revealing indeed. Some of this goes also with the decline of radio across North America too, which accelerated about 2015 well beyond the demise of generally awful FM and AM radio and all those annoying commercials for too long.

Somehow the theory has been that satellite and streaming would fill the void for niche content with time, but I have found that not to be the case more as evidenced during the pandemic most especially.

Radio is something I only listen to in the car on the road and for many, it skews older. It's easier just to push the button and hear out in better sound than via streaming, and you don't have to worry near as much about the connection or its quality too.

And I and others pay for Sirius XM and will continue to do so, so you would figure they would find a way to improve things not meander about casually.

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That was downright embarrassing. Suitor for doing it and TSN for broadcasting it. Apologies are deserved, and obviously not forthcoming.


If you're lucky to get RDS (which is the French outlet for TSN) game day feed their CFL coverage , music and announcers + commentators are superior to TSN because its younger and more savvy, and its tweaked every season. Meanwhile TSN's English coverage gets worst each year. Time for Duane Ford & Rod Black to go.

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I know many feel this way, and at one point years ago I thought similarly.

My feeling on those two is put them on a lower-profile match-up and not the marquee game or two games of the week.

The gaffes and awkward commentary on occasion make up for some of the slow-time in viewing, such as when a strange play suddenly takes place, and make for some additional fun on those day games on Saturdays or those nights when some of the usual TV audience is otherwise distracted by some other event.

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