The 2019 CFL QB free agent sweepstakes

Here’s a topic that could play out over the next 4-5 months, or even longer depending on how CBA negotiations play out. 3DN summarized the situation back in June.

QBs due to become free agents in Feb 2019:

  • Bo Levi Mitchell
  • Mike Reilly
  • Trevor Harris
  • Zach Collaros
  • Travis Lulay
  • Jonathan Jennings
  • Brandon Bridge
  • Kevin Glenn
  • Ricky Ray

As for team needs, in the West, only WPG has their guy locked in, and he’s been inconsistent this year. BC’s GM is now on the record as being unhappy with Jennings, and may make a run at Reilly. In the East, only HAM appears to be set for 2019. TOR has a couple of youngsters who have delivered three wins so far, with the cheaper guy out-playing the prized 2018 free agent signing. MTL has Johnny Hype whose price tag goes up next year, if he even stays around, and the GM who brought him in has to be on thin ice.

From the players’ perspective, there are lots of question marks. BLM may realize this is his last-ever shot at the NFL. You have to assume Ray will not risk a return. Glenn may not be enjoying his new reality of playing a whole season without taking a snap. Lulay may be running out of lives. Johnny Twitter could be judged as too costly and jump to the start-up league. Is Bridge ready to lead a team? Can Collaros continue to rebound?

Overall, the need for quality starters exceeds the availability. Competition from the AAF will be a real factor. And my sense is that there are fewer “up-and-comers” ready to assume a starting role, compared to past years when guys like Masoli and Franklin were waiting for their shot.

It could be a big game of musical chairs. Or everyone could just stay put. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Toronto signs Reilly. Mostly everybody else stays put.

Hey, Ticats , wake up (next year)