The 2017 Grey Cup winner is...

Ok, Johnny had a vision a few days ago. He hesitated mentioning it, but what the hell.

The Blue Bomberino fans will be dancing in the streets come November. Yes, the 27 year drought will be over!

It might be the fatigue, or the medication, or both. But, that is what Johnny felt. If Johnny is wrong, he will blame his health! If he is right, he will be modest... :slight_smile:

Think about it. The Stamps will have an awesome regular season. Then, they will choke in the playoffs as they usually do. The Eskimos are posers and no real threat. The Lions and Riders are no threat.

Whichever sad sack loser team from the East makes it to the Grey Cup, will be easy enough to defeat. The table is set for the Bombers!

Start writing your Grey Cup poem Lyle!


I was thinking about this.

The one team I fear, are the Bombers.

They have just gotten better and better.

The Bombers fear no team. Mike O, has the talent buying in.

I was at the Lions - Stamps game and the Lions just had no confidence.

I am not saying , the Bombers will win the cup.

I am saying they are the only team that could beat them.

Bombers will fold.

Bo-Levi Mitchell vs Ricky Ray in Ottawa. Winning TD - S.J. Green 71 yard major from Ray ;D the coyote that has chased the roadrunner off the cliff and then realizes he has nothing below him...

The cool thing about that would be, 8 different champions in 8 years.

Talk about spreading the love.

The winning team will be the Saskatchewan Roughriders......

Bringing in Vince Young to dupe all the brainless ones last off season perfectly set the team up to subtly put together a team that is strong in all three areas.

Only 2 things in life are guaranteed. Taxes and the Stamps choking in the big game. Beyond that Bombers have as good a shot as anyone in winning.

LOL...before or after they win the Grey Cup?

The Scorpion geniuses who run the bomberinos will be over-joyed with Johnny's predictions. Walters, O'Toby & The Fat Kid.....

anyways, bombers have lots of good things happenin' - no fear, solid coaching, reasonable first line players - just don't have a precision defensive coordinator (Hall) and their depth beyond their starters is as questionable as any team in the league.

I agree with two basic premises:

  1. The Bombers are capable of defeating any team in the league on any given day!

  2. They are also susceptible to being beaten by any team on any given day! We might get a peak at that tendency this Friday when Big Blue has ORBs coming in without their #1 & #2 QBs. Winnipeg fans (mostly lemmings) will just assume an 8-3 team will eviscerate a below .500 eastern pretender without their top 2 QBs