the 2013 season what to look forward to

1/ who the first overall pick will be

2/ where "they" will play and who will care.

3/ who will replace Creehan

4/ who will replace Obie and Mitchell

5/ who will replace the following :

Marwin Hage - age and injury but a great player
Rey Williams - you all know why
Kevin Eiben ditto
at least 3 d backs... pick a name
Greg Peach... do we really need these kinds of penalties ...

questions: will Stala retire
will Cobourne retire
will Fantuz come to play and if he does will anyone care after that mistake
will Giguere be used
do we really care about Moe Petrus ???? who????

and for 2014... the same year that Ottawa joins the league.... will we finish ahead of the Ottawa team
or not (think carefully about that last one)

and beyond....will Ottawa win a GC before we win our next?

lets finish this before we worry about next we dont even know where were playing


1.We will

  1. Probably spilt between London and TO

3.A mail box would be an upgrade...

4.See above...

5.Probably no name Yank free agents on defence..The O-Line situation depends on who we draft...

6.We could use Moe Petrus right now...Fanutsz missing that snap is a microcosm of this season,and this team,in general...Stala is probably done here (mistake),Cobourne will probably play somewhere else...Giguere is overrated...

7.50/50 on the Ottawa thing...