The 2008 Season @ Ivor Wynne.

Ok, seriously. I think that this year we really have to get Ivor Wynne back into the intimidating stadium it used to be. This year we have to back our team. No matter what is happening in the game let's be loud, because no matter what anyone says, Hamilton has the BEST fans, and let's make Ivor Wynne the most INTIMIDATING stadium to play in again! I have had seasons tickets my whole life, and We have to get this stadium back to how it used to be! We need to be loud, and scare the crap out of any team coming in here to play! Let's really stick it to Montreal, and get back the Ivor Wynne of Old!

Lookin' forward to Thursday! :slight_smile:

Oskee Wee Wee!

i totally agree. i remember a long time ago when we were good and we had the loudest stadium in the league. i dont think we will get large crowds in the beginning of the season but after we win a few games we will be selling out.


It's never worked that way before. Look at 98/99, it was horrible crouds through out the whole season.

If all the marketing gimmiks aren't working anymore then nothing will bring the 'new' fans back. Lately they've seemed pretty desperate to increase ticket sales.

Ya it was crappy attendance, and we were still like 54651 times louder than we are now! That's just even more proof that we can do it! :slight_smile:

call me crazy, i don't understand why the stands aren't full. I would support this team because they're fun and this is your TEAM Hamilton...Come on folks everybody come to the games...Win Or Lose I'm coming because the team needs your support. Come on Hamilton get on board!!!!!! :rockin:

sorry i can't remember the 98 and 99 seasons cuz i was only 5 and 6 years of age at the time :slight_smile:

1992 was one of the better seasons (11-7) the team has had in the last couple decades. I was at a game that season (vs. Cal) and the announced crowd was only just over 12, 000. This was around week 13-14 and the Cats had a good record.

In 92 the fans did up attendance at the start of the season but it started to drop off even though the team was winning. Hamilton oddly was also the most successful road team that season. They were only about 500 at home that year so maybe thats why.

I agree 100%!!

It was a long time ago eh.