The 2006 Grey Cup doesn't exist!!!

Anyone else disturbed by the lack of coverage on the next Grey Cup in the Peg, but the massive endorsement of the 2007 game in Toronto?

This should clear some things up for you: ... 122et1.wmv

Even so, the favoritism is disgusting.

I think things will be fine when next season rolls around, people will get caught up in season and the GC in Winnipeg. I guess it's only a bit natural that with Toronto not hosting the game since 1992 that the media would concentrate on this somewhat, especially since a lot of the media is situated in Toronto.

I've already seen people write on here that they pretty much know that Winnipeg will put on a great party. But I think the league feels it must push the 2007 GC because they're dealing with a city where no one knows if a playoff game will get a large enough crowd until almost the day of the game. They might also be gauging whether or not to award Toronto the 100th GC based on what happens with the 2007 contest.

everthing will be fine

steve-o what are you worried about. Winnipeg has 1 of the largest fan basins and suports basins in the entire world. Let's look back to the world juniours a few years back or the pan-am games. During the world juniours ockey tournamnemt the announcers admitted they have never seen such a crowd for all the games. And that the god medal game between canada annd russia the crowd was better then what is usualy seen i n the olymipcs, there is nothing to worry boput

Don't forget what Don Cherry said. Winnipeg has some of the greatest hockey fans. or sumthing like that

Winnipeg will do a great job with the cup they dont need the big publicity. People will come in a fill the hotels and stadium. I have been to the last two Grey Cups and the party is awesome. I will bring my tuque and wine skin and sit with the other 40000 people and enjoy it again in the Peg

…don’t you know Toronto is the center of the universe…therefore all roads lead to Toronto…even if there is a Grey Cup game ahead of them…didn’t hear a helluva lot of over-shadowing talk about the 06 Cup in the Peg…with the run-up to the 05 in Van…crappy press…something WINNIPEGERS have learned to live with…oh yeah torontonians…your cup is in 07…too bad I couldn’t put that fact in smaller print… :?

you said it papalooza

if anything, it's only gonna make Winnipeg more determined to make their GC the best GC ever.

good point.