The 2 Quarterback system......

Very interesting developments...with the Cats.
Coach Taaffe is no dought...going to put the right people together as a unit...on both sides of the ball.
I'm wondering if the "2 Quarterback System " may be part of that new formula ?? And of course...we would not even begin to see that...until the season starts...
In the past..that system has worked most cases..around the C.F.L.
The QB's that the Cats have at this time...would be well suited...for this system.
If Chang was to be the starter.....Maas would be the number 2....followed by the number 3.
Before you laughingly....fall on the floor....
We all agree that Taaffe has forgotten more about the game...than most of us...will ever know.
With that being said....think about this...
All three QB's......have the talent.
Maas...has been one of the best the C.F.L. Coming in...of the bench...Jason has turned more games into wins...than any other QB. His stat's
are far better relieving...than starting.
Chang....a true gunslinger...scrambling QB...Having Jason as a back-up to the event he gets...rattled. interesting piece of the puzzle...C.F.L. experiance...far better than your #3 QB....
Williams....I truly feel bad for this guy....too long holding a clip-board....the odd man out.
Unless....Maas..( still not a 100% ) has to be cut...because of the dollar factors of his contract...and due to injuries...or whatever...can not regain his true level of play....then Williams will stay at #3.
The G.M. and the Coaching staff...have put the an all win position at the QB spot...any way this unfolds....
Just something to chew on....fellow fans. :thup:

Taaffe did utilize the Ham-Calvillo tandem in Montreal during his tenure there, with Tracy getting the starting nod most of the time.

That being said, I’d like to get to Friday and see how Jason performs before I start trying to figure out how Taaffe might configure the pivot play for opening night.

Taaffe has made it clear it’s Jason’s job to lose and that he can lose it, even before the season starts. What’s changed?

"Barring a complete fiasco tomorrow night, Jason Maas will open the Tiger-Cat season on June 30 in Calgary.

That was the word yesterday from head coach Charlie Taaffe.

All Taaffe wants to see from Maas, who will start the final pre-season tilt tomorrow night at Ivor Wynne Stadium against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, is a command of the offence and some consistency. If the 31-year-old pivot can show some of both, he will be chucking the cowhide in cowtown a week from Saturday.

“He (Maas) doesn’t have to go out and win the game by himself. All he has to do is play within the system,” Taaffe points out.

“I just want to see him execute the offence and if he does that, that will be good enough.”

The bench boss proclaimed Maas the starter at the start of training camp and he insists that remains the case.

“I’m a little slow to make decisions either good or bad. Guys have good days, guys have bad days. What I’m looking for is consistency.”"

I suppose another five threads might pop up here before Friday angling to throw Jason under the bus, but I digress.

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Oski Wee Wee,

This idea could work and most of us haven't even thought about it due to our recent past with coaches Lancaster and Marshall who lived and died with their starter. It might not be officially a 2 qb system but one where guys are pulled more often and more freely if not producing. If Maas's health and Chang's lack of experience are concerns, then this could help alleviate both.

I suggested one time that they should start Butler and let Chang finish but for some reason the gustopo stormed in and threw my post into the abyss before anyone could read it. I really like the idea of a 2 q.b system, of going with the hot guy. It gives the defences so much confusion and then they have to waste all that time in the film room trying to figure out the tendencies of 2 different q.b's, it's like having 2 really good point guards in basketball.